Rabbit Hemorrhagic Virus moving towards Vermont

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus, a highly contagious virus capable of affecting rabbits and snowshoe hare, is appearing in states close to Vermont and may show up here according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. 

The department does not think this virus is present in Vermont at this time, but it is thought to be spreading eastward from the western United States.  The virus does not affect other wildlife, humans or pets, except rabbits.  It spreads through direct contact with infected rabbits or indirectly through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Sudden mortality in healthy rabbits occurs with this virus, and infected rabbits may be lethargic, reluctant to move, or have blood coming out of the nostrils or mouth.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife advises hunters not to harvest rabbits that appear sick. 

“If you find a wild dead rabbit and it’s not obvious what killed it, please contact us,” said David Sausville with Fish and Wildlife. 

“When hunters are field-dressing rabbits, wear disposable gloves, securely bag entrails and other remains, and dispose of them in the trash.  Do not discard remains where other animals may have access to them.”

Similar to all wild game preparation, you should wear disposable gloves and refrain from eating, drinking and smoking while handling and cleaning game.  Meat should be cooked thoroughly to an internal temperature of 165 degrees and all surfaces in contact with meat should be cleaned and disinfected.

For current information on Rabbit Hemmorhagic Disease, visit this website: tinyurl.com/2tax6ut4 

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  1. Plagues, pestilence, floods, famine.

    But the socialist democrats & “Progressives” blame it all on your Ford Explorers.

    We are in the throes of all that is predicted within the Bible.

  2. Clearly, the viability of a free and democratic Vermont rabbit community is threatened. Becca Balint absolutely must now include a plank in her campaign…..

    “Vermont rabbits’ health and therefore reproductive freedom and therefore democratic principles for all rabbits are all threatened….I will fight to protect our Vermont rabbits’ rights to continue living and reproducing. My experience as Senate leader pro-temp helping to pass annual budgets for the operation of the Vermont Department of Wildlife absolutely equips me powerfully and well to deal effectively with the need to combat this terrible virus and insure the viability of our dear Vermont rabbits.”

  3. Please. So is Rabbit Hemorrhagic Virus the new thing we should worry about?! The monkeys weren’t scary enough?!?! What about the Delta Omicron Kappa Gamma AM/FM virus that’s lurking in the shadows?!?!?! We’re all doomed!! Unless we’re not. I’m just not sure. Please tell me what to think. I cannot stand to reason for myself any longer!!!

    This satire brought to you by a free-thinking Vermonter who is sick and tired of hearing reports of a new reason to stoke fear in our hearts. I might just move to Florida. Oh wait, I already have! Vermont is becoming crazy town and I’m glad to go somewhere where common sense prevails.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent.

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