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Puppies missing

State police are searching for three Great Pyrenees puppies last seen in Hartland.

Friday morning, state police received a report of three puppies disappearing from the property of Ntando Macintosh in Hartland.

Investigation revealed the 3 puppies were described as 2-week-old Great Pyrenees, and had last been seen on Sept. 21 around 7 PM.

Identifying features of the dogs were one being white, one being white with a black spot over its eye, and one being white with a black spot on its tail. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the Vermont State Police Royalton Barracks.

The disappearance of three puppies was the second in the Northeast Kingdom in two months. Tamieko Demo of Newport was arrested in August for the July 25 theft of three brown and tan German Shepherd/ Coonhound puppies in Coventry.

All three Coventry puppies were recovered and Demo faces charges in court this month.

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  1. These tiny pups at two weeks of age cannot survive without their mother & cannot even survive this weather w/o being under heat lamps 24/7, they are exceptionally fragile & vulnerable. They have now ZERO protection against easily communicable diseases such as Parvo & Distemper & have no immunity whatsoever without the immunity being conferred from the dam to them when they feed.

    Whoever did this is a straight-up murderer and a heartless being. The soulless nature of this crime makes me sick. Two innocent beings just starting life now destined for death or likely already dead for NO reason other than a deviant who has yet to be found.

    Whoever you are remember always that what goes around, comes around. You are no man and you are no beast either, for there doesn’t even exist a beast in the animal world who is capable of such an act so heinous.