Prostitution decrim, ‘environmental justice’ OKed by House

No BLM, Pride flags allowed on Barre City Hall Park flagpole

By Guy Page

Bills decriminalizing prostitution in Burlington and creating a new ‘environmental justice’ bureaucracy were approved by the Vermont House of Representatives yesterday with apparently veto-proof margins. 

The House:

  • Gave final approval by a 105-33 margin to H746, decriminalizing prostitution in Burlington. The vote was praised by Rep. Kornheiser of Brattleboro as “an affirmation of people’s rights over their own bodies.”
  • Gave preliminary approval to S122, Vermont joining an interstate “workaround” of the electoral college through a multi-state “agreement among the states to elect the President by national popular vote.”
  • Postponed action until May 5 on S139, giving the State of Vermont a role in the naming of school mascots. It would create a state policy to eliminate the use of discriminatory school branding (such as naming teams after minority groups like Indians, Redskins, etc.) because “all Vermont students should feel safe and welcome while enrolled in a Vermont school.”
  • Approved H444, Barre City charter change allowing only U.S., State of Vermont, and POW flags in City Hall Park. The bill resolves a municipal dispute over flying the BLM and other flags in favor of flying only the three approved flags. The bill also creates a local sales tax and makes other municipal changes. 
  • Gave preliminary approval 109-31 to S148, environmental justice, which creates state Environmental Justice Policy “that no segment of the population of the State should, because of its racial, cultural, or economic makeup, bear a disproportionate share of environmental burdens or be denied an equitable share of environmental benefits,” and an advisory council to oversee the policy. 

S148 requires state agencies to collect complaints and prepare and implement a community engagement plan. It also ups the per diem pay for members of the Environmental Justice Advisory Council to $150/day. 

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  1. Pure, unadulterated psychopaths and I bet Kornheiser will be one of the regulars paying to defile women’s bodies as he explains he/she is simply “empowering” them.

    Sound “threatening” to ya, Kornhusker? Indeed it is – YOU are a threat to every woman in Vermont.

    Enjoy your democracy destroying George Soros election funding sociopathy…..

  2. Women are worthless and powerless in Vermont.

    And the majority don’t even know it.

  3. I would say that this Government of Vermont is a Laughing Stock if it wasn’t so Evil. It’s not Laughable, it is actually Appalling, Disgusting and Very Evil!

    A Major Wrath of God Needs to Come to Vermont and Needs to Come Now!

    Liberty is from God not man.

  4. The Electoral College wasn’t merely an attempt to remove power from the people. It was it ensure that the residents of smaller states would have a fair voice in elections.

    • Which is in practice, absolute BS. Vermont’s 3 electoral votes doesn’t give its residents any swing over the elections. The Electoral College does enable dark money and partisan manipulation of the presidential elections. Read 2000, 2004, and the last one; 2016. The potential over turning of Roe v Wade is a testament to two presidents being questionably or improperly elected, and the consequences there of!

    • Horse crap, the EC serves no legit purpose, and with my own eyes in the last 22 years I’ve seen how it has effed up our presidential elections in 2000, 2004, and the big one in 2016 where the orange venal circus clown ended up in the White House but got 2 million+ less votes than his feckless opponent. And then gets to pick life time appointments on the court. We need to ditch the EC and have Rank choice voting so third parties have a chance. Add ending Corporate Personhood, and making far reaching reforms to get big money out of our political system, and you will have a functioning democracy/Constitutional Republic.

      • There have been times when the majority vote was overridden by the Electoral College. As far as Trump, despicable a person as he may be, his policies were extensions of what others advanced. Clinton slashed the social welfare budgets. Reagan majorly cut taxes on the ultra wealthy, which no Democrats reversed.
        The electoral college helps maintain balances among the States.

  5. As Jimi hendrix sang, “Fly your freak flag high, high!” These social justice warriors should REALIZE that they live in a secure democracy unlike Saudi Arabia or Iran, where they can fly their freak flags without fear of imprisonment or worse. Fly them freak flags in their own front yards. We do not have to accept, support or look upon the sordid symbols of their funky life styles outside or inside town hall. I think we have been very patient with these tempests in teapots.

  6. The jig is up on flying flags that are now connected to indictments and prosecution for fraud. As Netflix and Disney stock is in freefall for promoting and supporting pedos/child molestation/indoctrination, the rainbow flag wavers are losing bigly. Symbols are their downfall. Go woke, go broke.

  7. I hope the House legalizes prostitution in Montpelier when it’s our turn. We don’t want all those individuals driving all the way to Burlington with these high gas prices! In addition, it will be so interesting —- with all the hypocrisy. LOL!

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