Primary Questionnaire: Christina Nolan, GOP, U.S. Senate

On Monday, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed the same questionnaire to candidates in most contested statewide races in next Tuesday’s Democratic and Republican primary. Below are one candidate’s answers to these questions: “If elected, how would you:

Reduce the cost of living?
Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?
Protect the public from crime?
Promote successful schools?
Protect a clean environment?
Protect civil liberties?
In any other way promote the welfare of your constituents?

Christina Nolan, Republican candidate for Senate

Christina Nolan is a born and raised Vermonter, who grew up in a working class family in Westford.  She has spent most of her life in Vermont.  From 2017-2021, she served as U.S. Attorney for Vermont.  In that capacity, she focused her efforts on tackling the opioid crisis and gun violence by increasing the number of federal charges against drug trafficking organizations, convicting Purdue Pharma for illegally marketing oxycodone, and partnering with treatment and prevention communities.  

Christina Nolan and friends, July 16

Nolan is also known for charging the EB-5 scandal in the Northeast Kingdom — the largest fraud case in the history of Vermont — and for securing one of the most significant human trafficking convictions in the history of the country.  Her work also focused on promoting northern border security and combating domestic violence, among other public safety issues.  Before serving as U.S. Attorney, Nolan worked as an Assistant U.S. Attorney at the U.S. Attorney’s Office from 2010 to 2017, prosecuting a range of federal crimes. 

Reduce the cost of living? – We reduce cost of living by reducing inflation.  Our 40-year record inflation has been caused by excessive government spending.  The inflated price of all commodities is a tax on middle and working class Vermonters. As U.S. Senator, I will spend only sensibly, only to the point of helping, and never to the point of hurting.  We also need to pursue responsible American energy independence.  Energy independence will drive down prices of gas and heating oil, among other commodities.  

Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?Our 40-year record inflation has driven up rent and drastically increased the cost of buying and building homes and purchasing land. Those costs are then passed on to working and middle class families who simply cannot afford them, particularly when they are already paying higher prices in the grocery store and at the pump.  We must reduce unnecessary, wasteful, and partisan-agenda driven government spending to drive down rent and home building and purchasing costs.  On the state side, the legislature must reform and modernize Act 250 to streamline the process of building good and affordable housing for Vermont workers. 

Protect the public from crime? I am the candidate who has the track record of fighting crime and holding dangerous criminals accountable as U.S. Attorney, Vermont’s top law enforcement officer, and as an Assistant U.S. Attorney.  I have the endorsement of the Burlington and South Burlington Police Officers’ Associations.  We must support and fund the police and fight, tooth and nail, the federal legislative efforts that have been made to defund them and eliminate their qualified immunity — opening them up to lawsuits against them in their personal capacity that would bankrupt them and drive them out of the profession. We must also ensure that the federal criminal laws are up to date and afford prosecutors the tools they need to hold dangerous criminals accountable.  

Further, we must secure our southern border, so that the fentanyl that is taking precious lives in Vermont and across the country stops coming into the U.S.  This will involve full support and funding for our Border Patrol agents.  

Promote successful schools? – Children should have their childhoods and should never be dragged into partisan agendas while in school. To compete as adults and live their dreams, they need to be allowed to focus on the core subjects, reading, writing, arithmetic, history. School choice, particularly for the economically disadvantaged, is an important component of promoting successful education. We should always encourage parents to be good parents, who are involved in their children’s lives, including their schooling, and we should encourage children to talk to the adults who love and care for them, whether at home or in school.     

Protect a clean environment? – I’m an environmentalist and feel blessed to be a born and raised in Vermont and to have lived most of my life in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty.  Some of my fondest memories as a child are of visiting the Sandbar and Lake Willoughby.  We must treasure the gift that is the Vermont landscape, its mountains, rivers, lakes, and bike paths.  I was born in Vermont and have stayed here in no small part because of its gorgeous environment, which we must protect and preserve.  I can build seniority in the U.S. Senate and secure resources, funding and investment to protect our environment, such as continued funding for lake clean up.  We must also continue to pursue energy independence through an all of the above, environmentally-conscious approach.  

Protect civil liberties? – As U.S. Attorney and as Assistant U.S. Attorney, I took an oath to defend the Constitution, and I fought for citizens’ rights, while also promoting public safety. I’ll take the same oath as U.S. Senator. Protection of civil liberties is the foundation of our country and I’ll defend them in all I do, just as I did as U.S. Attorney.   

Promote the general welfare of your constituents?I’m running for U.S. Senate because I love Vermont and the country and I want to advocate for Vermonters in Washington. I’ll lead with a servant’s heart, recognizing every day that I go to work for people, not for a partisan agenda, not to get on TV, not for any other politician — I’ll go to Washington to work for Vermonters, and only for them. I’ll bring the Vermont ethics of common sense, hard work, and independence to Washington. In this historic moment, Vermont must lead the nation out of hard times, and it’s going to take new energy, new perspective and a change in leadership.  

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  1. Reduce the cost of living?

    Reduce Inflation, yes. Spend sensibly, yes. Energy independence, yes. But if government spending is ‘excessive’, what are the top three programs you would cut?

    Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?

    Reduce inflation, yes. “… reduce unnecessary, wasteful, and partisan-agenda driven government spending…”. Again, name some programs that fit this category.

    Protect the public from crime?

    Fund the police, yes. Maintain qualified immunity, yes. Secure our southern border, you betcha.

    Promote successful schools?

    School Choice. Yep.

    Protect a clean environment?

    What do you think about Vermont utilities buying more clean, green, inexpensive, Hydro Quebec power”?

    Protect civil liberties?

    What are your positions on the civil liberties afforded to the unborn? 2nd Amendment?

    Promote the general welfare of your constituents?

    “… new energy, new perspective and a change in leadership…” means nothing. Please be specific.

  2. Christina Nolan says confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to nation’s high court
    True North Reports / March 29, 2022
    On Monday, Christina Nolan, Vermont’s former United States Attorney and currently a Republican candidate for US. Senate issued the following statement supporting Ketanji Brown Jackson for US. Supreme Court:

    “I have been impressed with Judge Jackson’s performance and support her confirmation to the United States Supreme Court. She has the required legal experience, temperament and clear understanding of the judicial branch’s role interpreting the law. As a former prosecutor, I will always treat each judicial nominee with the respect they deserve, and vote for or against them based solely on their qualifications even if I may not agree with every decision they’ve ever made. Politics should play no role in the confirmation process, a lesson that Washington politicians on both sides have sadly strayed from in recent years. Finally, March is Women’s History Month, and diversity is crucially important in all facets of public life. As a candidate to become Vermont’s first female senator, I believe Judge Jackson will bring much-needed diversity to the highest Court in the land, and hope that she is confirmed swiftly”.

    Let’s not confirm her because she’s the best. Let’s confirm her because we need “diversity” on the court. Is this supposed to be the person we would have as a US Senator from Vermont? She would vote for a justice on their qualifications even though the decisions they made fly against the Constitution. She is okay with them allowing unconstitutional laws to stand because she is okay with putting on a supreme court justice that will give us abortion on demand and take away our 2nd Amendment rights and doesn’t know the definition of a woman. A vote for Christina Nolan is a vote for another RINO like John Cornyn (R-Texas), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).


  3. Here’s the thing. We must defeat Welch. 1/3 of vermonters are Republicans while 2/3 are democrats. In order to win, we need a candidate that will draw some independent and democrat votes. She’s not my favorite Republican candidate for the senate but given the fact that she’s a woman and a lesbian she is the most likely candidate to draw support from close minded democrats and independents that vote based on such characteristics as opposed to true merit. Remember, the candidate most able to defeat Welch is the candidate we should support.

    • And then get stabbed in the back later down the road and puts another Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court to take away more of our rights. No Thanks!

      • The alternative is Welch as senator. Nolan is less poisonous then Welch. Dems and Indys will never vote for Malloy over Welch

  4. “We reduce cost of living by reducing inflation. Our 40-year record inflation has been caused by excessive government spending. ”

    Well… no. Government spending does *not* cause inflation. Government increasing the money supply (by printing US dollars) does — as it did during the last 2 years by increasing the money supply by ~30%.

    With all due respect, you are confusing the notion of market price (which naturally fluctuates over time as market conditions change) with that of inflation (long-term increase in the cost of goods and services.)

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