Primary questionnaire: Anya Tynio, GOP, U.S. House

Last Monday, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed the same questionnaire to candidates in most contested statewide races in tomorrow’s Democratic and Republican primary. Below are one candidate’s answers to these questions: “If elected, how would you:

Reduce the cost of living?
Promote widespread, affordable home ownership?
Protect the public from crime?
Promote successful schools?
Protect a clean environment?
Protect civil liberties?
In any other way promote the welfare of your constituents?

Anya Tynio, Republican candidate for U.S. House

Anya Tynio of Charleston has a background in business, management and agriculture. Since running for the U.S. House in 2018, Anya has stayed active in politics throughout the state. In 2020 she was elected to the Credentials Committee as a Vermont Delegate to the RNC and this year served as the Orleans County representative to the VT GOP Platform Committee. She currently serves as the Orleans County Committeewoman to the State Republican Party, as the Secretary and Treasurer for the Charleston Republican Committee and as the Vice Chair of the Orleans County Republican Committee.

Anya Tynio

Reduce the cost of living? – I will promote American energy policies to cut fuel prices which will reduce the cost of food, gasoline and home heating. I will also focus on solving the supply chain issues and stopping the wasteful government spending that will increase our taxes.

Promote widespread, affordable home ownership? – Reform or repeal the over-regulations, including Act 250, that add a significant dollar amount to construction projects. Rehabilitating existing buildings to expand the availability of housing at a faster pace. Promote better employment opportunities for Vermonters.

Protect the public from crime? – Keep the police fully funded, finish building the border wall to combat the flow of drugs into our country and keep violent criminals off our streets through tougher bail and sentencing laws.

Promote successful schools? – School choice, including home, charter and private school options, is necessary to hold all schools to high educational standards. A return to traditional academics, free from politicized and skewed versions of historical events, is also necessary to provide a strong and competitive educational base for our children.

Protect a clean environment? – Common sense measures to keep our water, air and land free from pollutants. We must always accept the responsibility to preserve a healthy environment for future generations.

Protect civil liberties? – I will always defend our Constitutional rights and will keep the Constitution as my standard for all legislation that I vote for or against.

In any other way promote the general welfare of your constituents? – I will promote agriculture, American products and American jobs to grow our tax base. I will support our law enforcement, military and veterans. I will listen to the concerns of my constituents and actively seek solutions to the challenges that we are facing in the economy, in society and in keeping our communities, state and nation safe.

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  1. Wishing you the best Anya. I believe you are the most qualified for the position. Sorry I cannot vote for you this time. Thank you for running!

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