Primary candidates weigh in on FBI raid

By Guy Page

After the story broke last night about the FBI raid on former Pres. Donald Trump’s Mir-A-Lago home in Florida, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed most participants in statewide races in today’s primary for their comments. It seems important that voters know where the candidates stand. We asked: “Was the raid justified?” and “Are you concerned about possible political motivation, or was it pursuit of justice?”

As of 8:32 AM, VDC has received three responses, one from each of the three major races of the day: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Lieutenant Governor. This post will be updated throughout today as other responses are received. All responses are published verbatim and in their entirety.

U.S. Senate

Myers Mermel, GOP – Tonight’s raid on President Trump’s home sets a dangerous legal precedent. A subpoena would have been appropriate for the records they were seeking. But the raid illustrates the tyranny we face. It’s unprecedented — as no President’s home has ever been raided. 

It’s a continuation of a 6-year jihad against President Trump which includes two failed attempts to remove him from office via impeachment. And a 4-year saga of the Russian collusion hoax. It appears the FBI and the DOJ have become the enforcement arm of the Democrat party.  

The criminalization of candidates and conservatives generally has become accepted practice. What’s happening to President Trump is happening to everyday Americans who are branded “domestic terrorists” for just speaking opinions Washington Democrats don’t agree with.  

There is no doubt that Joe Biden has weaponized the Department of Justice. Even Richard Nixon, Hilary Clinton, and Hunter Biden have not been treated this way. The criminal justice system has become weaponized by Democrats to achieve objectives that they can’t obtain at the ballot box. 

I have spoken for months against the Department of Justice and how they have undermined law enforcement here in Vermont. This is the Department of Justice of which Christina Nolan was a part. My opponents have been silent on the Department of Justice. Christina Nolan has been complicit, and Gerald Malloy has been silent — perhaps because he spent ten years working as a lobbyist in the swamp. Malloy has never expressed outrage on this type of abuse or insider politics – he just always thanks Sen. Leahy for his service. How silly. Sen. Leahy has given us nothing but massive federal debt.

There is a lesson here for us. We need a Senator who will fight the tyranny. I have exposed the record of Christina Nolan, and you have seen that I will fight for you and our values. I haven’t wrapped myself in the flag and talked about what should be done. I took action when it was needed. Just like my 4th great-grandfather who fought with the Green Mountain Boys. Please vote for me and I will take our fight to Washington. God Bless our Republic and God Bless the State of Vermont.

Peter Welch, Democrat

Vermont Daily Chronicle today unexpectedly met Rep. Welch, who is considered a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination for Senate, outside the polls in Montpelier. When asked to comment on the FBI raid, he said “I don’t know anymore than anyone else does now” and said he would need to know more about the court-ordered justification for the raid before passing judgement.

U.S. House

Anya Tynio, GOP – The raid on President Trump’s home is politically motivated. The current administration clearly fears that President Trump will be reelected in 2024 and has weaponized federal law enforcement agencies against him and others that they consider their political rivals. In the absence of credible evidence to suggest otherwise this raid can only be viewed as a way to damage his chances of reelection and to cast a shadow over other GOP elections during the midterms. Every American, regardless of political affiliation or whether or not you support President Trump, should be extremely concerned by this dictatorial action.

Ericka Redic, GOP – I believe it was not justified based on the fact that they just weren’t happy with how the boxes were being stored. That does not justify a raid. This is just another example of the Democratic Party weaponizing our institutions against their political opponents. For people so concerned about the integrity of our democracy, they are certainly willing to destroy it in the meantime.


Brenda Siegel, Democrat – No one is above the law. We live in a country where equality and justice for all are essential. Our nation’s laws apply to everyone. It is important that any current or former elected officials are held to the same standard as the rest of us.

Lieutenant Governor

Joe Benning, GOP – I’m just learning of this at 3:45am. I’m reluctant to answer this as a politician because entering the political fray would be irresponsible given my professional career as a criminal defense attorney.  So permit me to answer in that mode.

Re: “Was the raid justified?” The answer to this will depend on whether the Government seized classified documents that were removed from Washington, D.C. in violation of the law. I’ll withhold judgment of that, again as a criminal defense lawyer, until the evidence is known.  In the meantime, if I were the ex-President’s lawyer, I would be strenuously advising him to remain silent.

Re: “Are you concerned about possible political motivation, or was it pursuit of justice?” One of the great dangers of knee-jerk reactions in such cases, especially ones of this magnitude, is that eventually one side is going to be dead wrong. As with any citizen, the ex-President is entitled to the presumption of innocence.  In every criminal trial over the past almost 40 years, I have begged the jury at the beginning of a trial to withhold their judgment until all of the evidence has been presented.  That is always a difficult ask, since humans are apt to form opinions too quickly. Asking a politician to join a bandwagon is easy, and I’m sure your news feed will be loaded with ones who do, but this defense attorney chooses to rely on his practice of acting with patience until the evidence is in. 

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  1. As usual Joe Benning answers the question without answering the question.

    The fact remains president Trump is one of the most investigated men in history and in that amount of investigation it has become persecution of a former and potentially rightfully sitting president.

    I applaud Anya and Meyers responses here.

    • I find myself after reading others comments having to agree that the cheap shots were uncalled for. I just read them as political banter and should have called it out on my original post.

      What I should have said above is that I applaud the responses of both candidates in regards to the raid on Trump’s house. That doesn’t mean I’ll be voting for either of them.

      Deploy Malloy!

  2. While I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Mermel’s sentiments regarding this governmental tyranny, his criticism of Gerald Malloy is premature. Christina Nolan, on the other hand, is fast becoming a non-entity – and deservedly so.

    Joe Benning, however, and anyone else claiming that this tyranny is reasonable, despite their running for another office, are much more deserving of Mermel’s scrutiny. Malloy, for example, stated unequivocally:

    “I took the Oath to support and defend the Constitution and served well and faithfully under that Oath for over two decades. As a US Senator I will continue to serve well and faithfully under Oath to support and defend the Constitution to protect civil liberties. I will not waiver in my belief in the right of every American to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    I know this is a Republican Primary campaign. But let’s be fair. Give Malloy the opportunity to respond before casting the first stone.

    • Mermel’s criticism of Christina Nolan in the news media is totally inaccurate. He blames her for the increase in opiod deaths as well as the Pharma case(s) Nolan has been on top of these issues, and has put people away for drug cases. This is unlike Sarah George who lets people walk, but yet Mermel equates Nolan to George’s failures. Mermel will certainly not get my vote, but Nolan will.

  3. They will “plant” evidence! Shackle President Trump, put him in prison and then suddenly we will read, he committed “suicide”! Go into hiding President Trump! They are terrified of losing!

  4. This raid on President Trump’s home is politically motivated, the left is crazed with the
    thought that DJT will run in 2024 and they will do whatever to stop him, and this just goes
    to show ……………….. the corruption in our justice system !!

  5. This also takes some attention off of the primaries in four states.

    Is this just yet another misdirection of the media so that we don’t see that they’re stealing votes again?

  6. Myers is an absolute hypocrite calling Gerald Malloy a swamp creature. That accusation is laughable coming from the long time Hack and political creature that he is. Myers could be applauded for his lack luster attacks on Nolan if he wasn’t a spoiler who entered the race to take votes from Malloy and insure her winning the primary.
    His last minute entry into the race and dubious unsuccessful past runs for office are testament to who the real swamp creature is.
    The best evidence of this was the forum where he was th continously hrown soft ball questions by Paul Dame to make him look good at the expense of Malloy the only real conservative candidate in the senate race.
    The RNC and GOP may have their preferred candidate but the speak for the conservatives in this state the same way they have for along time that’s why we’re essentially a one party state.
    For the first ti.e in a generation we have the opportunity to shake up the powers that be and turn VT red and the GOP and RNC in this state have once again sat on their hands trying to be Republican light a proven loosing strategy wake up VOTE TODAY
    And send real conservative voices to DC

    • Charles, our family of 5 voters cast our votes today for Malloy, Thayer and Tynio.

      But I felt greatly troubled inserting my ballot into a Dominion fraud machine.

      As you are no doubt aware, there has been fraud in Republican primaries all over the country, with the establishment stealing the elections for their RINO candidates.

      I am praying for a just outcome, but if RINOs steal this election for Nolan, Malloy must not under any circumstances concede.

      Christina Nolan, along with Phil Scott and Joe Benning, are traitors against the American people who are helping the illegitimate Biden regime steal the election. Gerald Malloy must not abandon #WeThePeople to traitors by conceding the election if they steal it.



  8. “I don’t know any more than anyone else does right now’ spouts Welch …..Seriously?? Are you at ALL aware that your party’s base, led by “Barack” Obama & his Socialist/Marxist foot soldiers, is comprised by radical extremists who defy and desecrate the U.S. Constitution each & every day and are bent upon destroying this Constitutional Republic to usher more like an autocracy, dictatorship, etc.

    But Welch apparently isn’t aware of any of this. Yeah. Right.

    • its the party liner response Kathleen….I think we are all very very sick and tired of this BS

  9. Well now I guess it’s now ok to crash in, confiscate material, and hope you find “justification” to prove you are in the right…….That is not how our Law works…MR Benning. …
    I would not vote for you if you were the only one running…..Party liner…..and MR Welch……same Party Liner………you have been on the taxpayer buck for WAY too long……TErm Limits would solve our problem with people like you……..GO HOME BOTH OF YOU……..and Brenda…..oh yes we have laws on how its done too……..
    Anya…..good for you for not wishy washing in the middle somewhere to “protect” your political career…..just the kind of person we need
    Myers…….a little strong there with the disparaging comments on your rival Mr. Malloy; thats underhanded, was that the question……..NO. could you have answered the question without it? YES……

  10. And I want to again thank Guy Page for being right on top of this on such an important day……it is absolutely no surprise to me that this happened the day before primary voting in several states……CREEPS all of them

  11. And here we go again with the ever so popular yet entirely meaningless “No one is above the law” rhetoric spewed by democRAT Brenda Seigel. Really? How about Hillary Clinton, Hunter (child abusing) Biden & the CURRENT President aka: “THE BIG GUY” Biden, Nancy Pelosi, & Adam Schiff just to name a FEW of your deceitful cohorts in the D.C. swamp, Brenda? They ALL appear to be “above that law you speak of, no? If not, explain away, Ms. Seigel……………….

    Oh, and here’s an even older adage for you all that NEVER fails….”What goes around, comes around”. Lot’s o’ luck in November, dunces.

    • YES Kathleen, total agreement. let’s see every congress/senate ect be held accountable for insider trading, the Big Guy and son accountable for treason and more….or “no one is above the law” will obviously be remembered as “some of us are above the law”……..tired of this government in so many ways………

  12. Welch is waffling because he doesn’t want any attention placed on him. He knows that when President Trump retakes office the feds will soon be raiding Welch’s corrupt office and personal finances. Anyone who votes for this man is a total idiot.

    • and non of our supposed “representatives” support TERM LIMITS………and we can see how very badly this is needed……nope you dont get paid the rest of your life for having “served” (cant call it service in this day and age, but maybe we can get back to it….) VOTE THEM OUT OUT OUT

  13. My answer as a non political nothing. If they would do that to a former President, what would they do to the common folk? Let’s ask the people at Wounded Knee and the

    Branch Davidons at Waco for their thoughts. I read somewhere recently that 40% of people both Democrats and Republicans fear they will have to take up arms against the government. It’s getting close to Revolutionary war statistics

  14. Sad that the democrats can’t follow laws !!! Double standards !!! No equal justice apparently???

  15. This is like the repeat of a bad movie. No one is above the law-really? Millions of taxpayers dollars have been spent “investigating” President Trump. End result 0. Stop wasting taxpayer money for political gain.

  16. Amazingly, people are only now starting to realize that they don’t live in a free country!

  17. Little Pete isn’t informed by an aid on happenings, is that what he wants us to believe? He is very slippery and I see that only Myers can pin him down on issues. So if it isn’t Myers in the primary then we’ve lost the perfect opportunity.

  18. If you’re still planning to vote note that only Myers Mermel voiced his anger about former president (and future) Donald Trump’s home being raided.

    • Myers Mermel is a rino to the core. Guess you never read his “agenda”.

  19. So pete welchs handlers haven’t told him what to think and what he should be saying. Keep voting for dems and the entire State of Vermont will be like Burlington in 5 years.

    • AZjim……..I don’t think it will take that long……..

  20. The court order for the raid was sealed. Mr. Welch is deferring judgement on something he will not be able to see.

    • I thought peter welch serves on the intelligence committee…

      If so he had to know what is going on.

      Pete is probably too busy handling chinese investments.

      Stop covering up for the bad actors in both parties.

  21. The raid by the FBI on the home of a former president sets a dangerous precedent.

    A precedent which now means that anyone who evades taxes, attempts to undermine an election, sexually assaults women, manipulates the value of their assets, uses state resources to enrich themselves or aids and abets the overthrow of a democratically elected government will be subject to investigations. Is that the world we want to live in? Where anyone accused of insurrection can be subject to questioning from law enforcement officers?

    It’s a slippery slope. Before we know it, regular citizens accused of defrauding the government, concealing evidence, manipulating financial documents, tampering with witnesses or perverting the course of justice will also be held to account.