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President pardons pot possession

Jails were never filled with non-violent pot offenders, pardon info shows

Yesterday, President Biden pardoned all offenders of the federal law making simple possession of marijuana a crime, the White House announced.

Biden pardoned “all current United States citizens and lawful permanent residents who committed the offense of simple possession of marijuana in violation of the Controlled Substances Act.” 

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) President and CEO Dr. Kevin Sabet, the marijuana lead at the White House drug office from 2009–2011 during President Obama’s administration, issued the following statement in response:

“President Biden’s actions are important for promoting criminal justice reform—and they prove we don’t have to legalize a Big Tobacco-backed industry in order to change marijuana laws. No one deserves to be in jail for a joint. But we should also not be selling highly potent THC products, nor should we promote and encourage use among young people. President Biden continues to oppose the legalization of marijuana, and we are grateful to the Administration for this.

“We are also heartened by the President’s public statement accompanying the pardon, which noted that we need important ‘limitations’ on trafficking, marketing, and underage sales. 

“The marijuana industry will be disappointed with the President’s statement as they are trafficking very large amounts of marijuana on a daily basis.

“Today’s pardon also proves that our prisons were never filled with non-violent marijuana offenders, as only 6,500 people over 30 years will be affected. Their imprisonment should not have happened, but the hyperbole of legalization advocates urging commercialization as a way to reduce incarceration is plain wrong,” Sabet said.

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  1. Drive up Route 7 from Shelburne to Burlington in the mid afternoon. Puffs of e cigarettes come from every third car smelling of skunk. I m from the Woodstock generation, but I ain t so sure this is going to play out well?

  2. Love it or leave it alone – Marijuana is NOT a benign or innocuous drug, ESPECIALLY when used by those 25 yrs. of age & under and when used by anyone when operating machinery.

    But then again, illegal immigration, propagandized school curricula, the biased, nefarious mainstream press, limitless terms for the elected, and abortions aren’t benign or innocuous either – and half the nation just LOVES those!

  3. This short slideshow depicts what will be playing out in Vermont as it starts down the path of commercialization blazed by other states.

    rising suicide rates, vaping effects on lungs, kids play – sporting with seizures, homelessness, unsafe fish & game prey, non-compliant stores, increased black markets, increased psychosis, buyer beware real estate, a little dab – can do you…


  4. Please show me one person in a VT prison, or for that matter any US prison for possession of one marijuana joint.

    • People are sometimes put into prison for NO wrongdoing, because the justice system is corrupt. Prisons are for-profit which means the more inmates, the merrier; good for business.