PRC deadly weapons include bioweapons, nuclear weapons, fentanyl

Gordon Chang (left) and his wife Lydia briefed Vermonters on the threat posed by the People’s Republic of China during a visit September 10-11.

by Martha Hafner

At the Celebrate Freedom event Saturday September 11, China policy expert Gordon Chang urged the People’s Republic of China no longer be seen as a “most favored nation” because it has espoused hatred towards not only the USA, but the globe.  It’s goal is world domination, and it has   three major tools in its toolkit – bioweapons, nuclear weapons and fentanyl. 

They are using bioweapons – not only Covid but others that are being researched.  Whether you put Fauci and the Wuhan lab in the hot seat or not, as the outbreak started in Wuhan the PRC tried to seal off the Chinese, while exposing the internationals.  This act alone should be viewed as irresponsible and fanning a global pandemic that has killed over 6 million people. 

PRC scientists also claimed six-ish years ago to be doing research on viruses that would target ethnic groups though avoiding the Chinese. 

They have been busy erecting nuclear silos.  Their nuclear capacities were not capped along with the USA and Russia.  What they are building provides them capacities that will far exceed ours.

Fentanyl and fentanyl mixed with other products is responsible for 53,000 American deaths this past year. Almost all of this fentanyl has been coming in from China across the Canadian and Mexican borders as well as our ports.  There are strong international Chinese gangs that are responsible for this and they are well organized.  

You can hear this directly from Dr. Chang starting at time stamp 30:45 on

The author, an educator and citizen activist, lives in Randolph Center.

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  1. Clear, itemized report by Martha Hafner on the threat the Chinese Communist Party presents to the US and the world, and on recent presentations in Vermont by one of the most eloquent speakers on the subject, Gordon Chang. Vermonters who missed Celebrate America a couple of weeks back and who wonder what China has to do with Vermont would do well to check out Dr. Chang. Thanks also to Guy Page–unlike most of Vermont’s media, who didn’t even acknowledge notices of the event–for providing this excellent venue to catch up or keep up with events and forces it is not overstating to call terrifying.

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