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Driver dies after losing control of trailer

A New Hampshire man is dead after the trailer he was pulling behind his pickup truck went off the road, state police say. 

Thursday at 4:42 AM, the Vermont State Police, Brighton Fire Department, and Groveton EMS responded to a fatal single vehicle crash on VT RT 105 near Notch Pond Road in the Northeast Kingdom town of Brunswick.

A Ford F-250 was towing a trailer and being driven by Kenneth Thompson, 59, of Pittsburgh, NH. Thompson lost control of the truck and trailer while going around a corner, causing it to go off the roadway, colliding with trees before overturning. He was pronounced dead at the scene from the injuries sustained in the crash. Road conditions were wet, and Thompson was not wearing a seat belt. 

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  1. Not wearing a seat belt is a potentially deadly decision & many drivers just don’t seem to understand the laws of physics when driving a motor vehicle ESPECIALLY on a curving roadway or hauling a trailer. Slow way down……….that trailer is a disaster waiting to happen if you are not exceptionally careful.

  2. A body in motion remains in motion. If you are not strapped in the drivers seat you may find yourself in the passenger seat as your vehicle goes about its merry way. It is very hard to regain control if you are not even in the drivers seat. G forces are a lot like moving water. They are stronger than you and they do not get tired.

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