Police shut down homeless camp after gunshot finding

Montpelier police have moved every occupant of a homeless camp where experts say the shot that struck a school bus last Thursday was fired.

According to a Montpelier Police Department statement released October 30, on Friday October 27 MPD and the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife returned to the Rte. 2 – Agway store railroad crossing and, with help from First Student busing company, recreated the scene from the previous day.

The Vermont Fish and Game Department provided a bullet trajectory specialist who confirmed what MPD had initially believed: the gunshot that entered the driver’s window of a U-32 school bus carrying students had come from the area of the encampment located on Home Farm Way.

In the interest of public safety, the City of Montpelier requested that the Montpelier Police Department remove the occupants of the encampment on Friday evening. Those occupants were relocated to another temporary location within the city of Montpelier.

During this investigation, the U32 community has provided valuable tips to further our investigation. These tips have all been followed up on over the weekend by Montpelier Police Department investigators.

The Montpelier Police Department is working closely with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on this investigation.

As of October 30, MPD released the following:
· The First Student staff/bus driver made student safety after the incident their immediate priority.
· The Vermont State Police, Montpelier Police, First Student and U32 community will be scheduling an after-action discussion at a later date.
· Preliminary investigation reveals that this shooting appears to be an isolated incident and the bus and students do not appear to have been targeted.
· The encampment on Home Farm Way has been removed.
· The City of Montpelier is working with the Good Samaritan Haven on a safety plan for encampments and the overnight shelter which will be located at 203 Country Club Road beginning November 15.

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  1. I feel so “reassured” knowing that they have relocated them to yet another location in Montpelier. Wonder how many guns were “missed”. And how many other mentally ill substance abusing homeless here also own guns? And if I were just shooting a gun at “whatever” in Montpelier and it hit a school bus, what do you suppose they’d have done to me? A lot more than just taking away my gun!

  2. Perhaps the fake authority figures who implement failed policy after failed policy can, again, state emphatically how well they are protecting and helping the public. In a couple of months, they will stand at the podiums stating a few more million or more will fix it. They will campaign in your city or town pontificating they feel “your pain” and laugh hysterically driving away with your donation money and harvested ballots. The blood is dripping off their hands – make no mistake on that fact – and they don’t mind at all. If they did, we would not be seeing this desecration of society ramping up bigly.

  3. All it takes is one shot by a provocateur to increase the stigmatism against the homeless, and demonize them, and increase the NIMBYISM, affirming the fears of all of those living in ivory towers and glass bubbles in the Mad River Valley, Burlington, Montpelier, Brattleboro and Rutland — ship them out of state! Set up FEMA camps for the undesireables!!! (Oh — wait…)
    …and make it difficult for those whose last thought is violence against another while they try to get a leg up and out of their temporary situations…
    Yeah…that helps.
    The homeless aren’t the problemo, good sirs…YOU are.
    That empty second home, that empty basement, that 2nd floor that stands empty, that cabin that sits empty but 7 days a year… and the policies that tie landlords hands if they want to help someone get under a roof safely…
    God’s laws tell us it is our duty to house the homeless…
    But go ahead and whine and marginalize and stigmatize if that’s your thing… makes for an easy day over coffee, eh?

    • All it takes is one shot by a provocateur to increase the stigmatism against the responsible and law-abiding gun owners…

    • And how many of these “homeless” people have you got residing in your empty spaces?? Surely you must have a couch one could use

      • Is it truly the intention or goal someone down and out to couch surf or live with strangers? I find it interesting how some people blindly walk in the shoes of another thinking they can control, guilt-trip or wield a fake authority over others lives. I also find it interesting the idea of blindly trusting a complete stranger into one’s home is ever going to be the norm under the best of conditions. The coexist fallacy is making some dangerously delusional and woefully ignorant.

    • Yup, everyone else’s fault. Certainly NOT someone who was either careless with or intentionally discharged a firearm. Accountability and responsibility would go a long ways towards restoring society.