Perrino plugs Nolan for Senate on Fox

Screenshot from March 12 “America’s Newsroom” on Fox. Dana Perrino (right) claims GOP candidate Christina Nolan could win the 2022 Senate race this year. Bill Hemmer at left.

By Guy Page

Dana Perrino likes GOP candidate Christina Nolan’s chances of getting elected to the U.S. Senate this year.

The one-time press secretary for Pres. George Bush and longtime Fox news reporter and commentator said so on “America’s Newsroom” Saturday March 12.

“I’m going to go out and say it is possible that the Republicans might win in Vermont this year,” Perrino told co-host Bill Hemmer. 

Hemmer made a scoffing noise.

“Don’t laugh, Republicans do win in Vermont. A young woman decided to throw her hat into the ring. Her name is Christina Nolan. She was Trump’s U.S. Attorney and supported by Sen. Pat Leahy and Phil Scott.”

She played a snippet from Nolan’s introductory video, and commented, “If you are a Republican in Vermont, there has never been a better year to run. Watch Christina Nolan in Vermont. You heard it here first.”

Before serving as U.S. Attorney beginning in 2016, Nolan previously served in Vermont U.S. Attorney’s Office under the Obama Administration as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, focusing her efforts on prosecuting criminal cases involving child exploitation, violent crime, and the trafficking of opioids and other deadly drugs.

According to her campaign website, Nolan graduated summa cum laude from the University of Vermont and earned her Juris Doctor degree from Boston College Law School where she was a Senior Editor at the BC Law Review.

A third generation Vermonter, Nolan is a native of Westford. She is an avid runner and won a Vermont State Championship at Rice Memorial High School.

Today she lives in Burlington with Jill, her partner of 16 years, and their beloved orange cat, Hank Thomas Nolan.

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  1. She’s not some old bald guy, and she’s a Vermonter, You have my vote ! Run Christina run !

  2. Perrino was spokes person for Bush, who like his father was pushing for the NWO, great reset, build back better….

    So there for, it’s just more uniparty establishment.

    Don’t be fooled. Most in both parties don’t want ANYTHING to change. They like getting rich and pimping for the lobbyists.

    Used to be a big fan of both, not so much anymore.

    • 100% agree. I am not a member of ANY party (YET) and I see a GREAT need for a party for the people…and I am so ..upset to “have to choose” a category/party of which I AM NOT at primary time. Wait…..I can choose my gender or lack thereof, my color, by ethnic origin, and on and on…….yet I MUST BE one of the parties or …I CANT VOTE………HOLD THE BOAT!!!

  3. Dana Perrino is no supporter of Donald Trump. That has been the case all along. She is aligned as has been noted, with the Bush’s, the Cheney’s, and the like. If I were Christina Nolan, I would not take this recent note as a plus. Just keep marching without ever mentioning this, and C N will be better off. The Bush crowd has outlived what little use there ever was associated with them. Their support of Biden in place of Trump, says all I need to know.

  4. Even a RINO’s better than Pee Wee Welch! And IF he’s sniped at by even farther left candidates she might win when their vote’s split. And WHY has no “media” reported on Pee Wee’s financial..”donors” and “favors”? His last opponent, Dr. Dan Freilich, had REAMS of pages of Big Money Corp. “donors” & the like, we should make them ALL wear NASCAR suits listing their “sponsors”, I think only Bernie’s would have NO patches, but then he’s Bernie..

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