Many from Africa, Europe, Asia, Central/South America cross illegally into Swanton Sector

This year’s total illegal crossings exceed last six years combined

Part of a group of five Mexicans apprehended last week in Franklin. Border Patrol photo

The Swanton Sector of the U.S./Canada border has seen a huge increase of illicit cross-border traffic—currently over 6 years of arrests (2017-2022) in under 9 months (FY 2023), officials say.

During the first week of June, US Border Patrol Agents apprehended 141 subjects from 17 different countries who illegally entered the U.S. from Canada through patrol zones covering northeastern New York, Vermont, & New Hampshire.

Countries of origin for the arrested subjects include:

French Guiana
North Korea
South Korea
United Kingdom

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  1. How many of these illegals that get through are now part of the homeless problem in Vermont that taxpayers are taking care of?

    • So far it seems that the vagrants of Burlington are all domestic, although certainly not local. I’m guessing that will gradually change as long as the Mayor and City Council continue to publicly roll out the welcome mat for deadbeats.Word travels fast in the internet age of where free stuff is being given away based on honor system claims of need.

  2. Our former President Trump is being hounded with flaky charges while this Biden fool is allowing the invasion of our country by millions of migrants, some good some bad…we just dont know.

  3. I suspect the Military operation taking place across the US has a multipart aspect; rounding up illegals, finish rounding up those who participated in the political Coup of 2020; providing food and shelter, In the FEMA CAMPS which were established across the US for A VAST MAJORITY of US ( you and me), for homeless families.

    I also suspect another part of this operation will be the start of clean STATE & FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of the Satanic New World Order who has infiltrated our entire nation at all level….. It will not be pleasant for these men and women..

    Surely your in doubt; however, take the time to read these Presidential Executive Orders: 13961, 13912, 13919, Monroe Doctrine, 13848 and many more Federal Directives placing the Nation under Continuity Of Government (COG). The list can go on and on but remember Only the President can activate our Nation Guard to Federal Service and this was done between Dec 2020 and March 2021 by President Trump who is now Commander In Chief of the Military (CIC).

    Put this in your pipe and smoke it… Military Law Supersedes Civilian Law and we have been and are now in a STATE OF WAR against the Satanic Deep State..

  4. Would love to shove the fact that Venezuelans, Cubans, and North Koreans have left a communist country. The Indians, Congians, Romanians, Sengalians, Colombians, Mexicans, Peruvians, and Nicaraguans have Socialist ideologies, political parties or tenents of socialism imbedded in their government. And that also includes the UK. So, of that list above, 12 of the 17 countries listed, have people either legitimately fleeing their oppressive regime’s or have learned that the picking is easy here in the US and want to get on the gravy train.
    If their political and social systems were so great, why are they fleeing? That is the question I want to not just ask the liberal/left/woke morons, but shove down their throats.
    (This information on the country’s political systems/tenents or components came from Wikipedia)

    • Our socialist country is still in the phase where we still have lots of borrowed and printed money to give away. The migrants have fled countries which are past that, in the phase where their country is now bankrupt after having given lots of borrowed and printed money away. As Margaret Thatcher is credited with saying: “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money”.

  5. Uh, skip…. the CIC is not Trump. I think you meant to say, “was Commander in Chief of the Military (CIC)”. I don’t think you meant to say “is now”.

  6. Ah….we’re all ripe for yet another pandemic just in time for the elections! Ebola, anyone? BTW, with all the physician shortages we are experiencing, has anyone counted how many infectious disease specialists we have in this state? Yup, asking for a friend. Who is here legally.