Klar’s ‘Small Farm Republic’ takes on globalist farming

Reveals elites new focus on diet change

by John Klar

My book, Small Farm Republic, is now available. As more Americans become aware of the globalist effort to expand and control industrial agriculture, the debate is shifting from climate change to diet change—are humans to eat insects and artificial meat?; are cows really the problem they are slandered to be?; is carbon dioxide as large a problem as atrazine and glyphosate?; and do conservatives have any environmental voice at all?

The answers to these questions are central to understanding the future planned for humanity by those who target cows and argue that corporate America can farm more productively than local farmers.

Americans are perpetually told to be afraid—of guns, homophobia, transphobia, climate change, right-wing extremists, a cyberattack, Russians and Chinese, or not-yet-existent diseases. Yet the greatest threat facing Americans today is creeping up from within, from the industrial food production and distribution system.

Starvation is a very real possibility in America, as food prices skyrocket faster than underlying inflation, more food is imported, and food is shipped from increasingly large distances in a fragile infrastructure. How would a cyberattack impact food distribution? How about a microchip shortage resulting from conflict in Taiwan? How about runaway inflation and the collapse of the American fiat dollar?

Modern farms—and cows and humans—are snared in a battle between corporations who profit from food and farming and local communities that strive toward self-provision. The outcome of this battle will determine future human and ecological health, but also future liberties. The American Revolution was utterly dependent on local food supplies: how will Americans embrace liberty when dependent on profit-driven food laced with hydrogenated fat, high fructose corn syrup, and chemicals that make children sterile, or sick with cancer?

These are the issues of Small Farm Republic. Conservatives must lead a push to center farms as sound environmental policy, and secure healthier local food in the bargain. Ignoring food and food inflation is perhaps the greatest peril facing the United States today, even as China moves to control more and more of the world’s food supplies and agricultural inputs like fossil fuels, fertilizers, and farmland. My book reveals what is occurring, and proposes effective policies to reverse this enslaving trend.

I invite you to read my book and learn these truths so that you will be informed and equipped to combat the putrid lies that surround us—especially the lies about cows, who are our solution and not the villains in this battle. I ask readers to then please comment on Amazon and elsewhere with reviews about the book—this is how we can make more people aware, and equip them to fight against this effort to rapidly and completely control all of us.

Vermonters used to understand farming and food: it is time we led the nation in reacquainting itself with its disappearing farmers, and encouraged young people and entrepreneurs to undertake food production as a profitable, satisfying way of life that rebuilds local communities while securing national strength.

I have been making the early rounds of interviews, and am excited to see that more and more people are beginning to understand the centrality of food production and distribution for human and ecological health. Here are some links to recent interviews:

— In Focus, with Alison Steinberg

— the Kunstlercast, with James Howard Kunstler

— Chris Farrell’s On Watch at Judicial Watch

I also interviewed with Mel K, whose podcast will be posted soon. I have other interviews scheduled, and I will be speaking next weekend at Polyface Farm in Virgina beside Joel Salatin, Dr. Sina McCullough, and others.

Please join this pivotal conversation by listening to these interviews, commenting, writing to me, or otherwise becoming involved. Our food can disappear quickly; but it takes time and planning to fortify and rebuild our local food economy!

Please order my book! Now is the time! It is packed with compelling proof of the arguments I am making: that those who say they are going to save the planet by dominating all food production will in fact accelerate environmental destruction in order to monopolize food and thus power over humanity!

(This book also makes a great gift for the right special (farm-loving) person.)

If you prefer a signed copy, please send me a check for $25.00 payable to John Klar, 625 Cemetery Street, Brookfield, Vermont.

As always, thank you for supporting my work by reading this substack and my book. We must unite Americans around farming and food, and circle the chuck wagons to defend our cows!

The author is a Brookfield best-selling author, lawyer, farmer and pastor. Reprinted from the Small Farm Republic website.

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  1. I may date myself, but the Global agenda in it’s future recommendations for food we eat brings to mind Soilent Green. A book (turned to a movie) that unfortunately appears to have prophetic overtones.

  2. More good reads about these times: James Howard Kunstler, The Long Emergency (2005) Mike Peters, The Nixon Chronicals (1976) George Orwell, 1984 (1949) The Bible (millennia)