Page: Supreme Court rules, Leahy moans

by Guy Page

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided a state – in this case, Arizona – may toss out ballots cast in the wrong precinct. And if a state wants to make it a crime for anyone other than an authorized proxy to possess an early ballot, that’s fine with the court. And oh, by the way, the Court also affirmed in Brnovich Vs. Democratic National Committee that the Arizona Legislature isn’t racist.

So, to sum up: states don’t need the federal government or a national political party to tell them how to run their own elections. This Court has little patience for ballot harvesting. And you can’t score points with this Court’s majority merely by crying ‘RACIST!’

All of which made Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy go all Elmer Fudd yesterday: “Oh, this is tewwible! Tewwible!”

Perhaps not in so many words. But the lifelong fan of cartoon character Batman has certainly got the Fuddian tone down cold. Our senior senator claims the court has allowed states to “suppress the vote with impunity….the Court today has cast its vote against millions of American voters who simply want the chance to participate in their democracy.”

Oh, Senator. I think you know better. Winking at fraud robs democracy of its wondrous power. But you ARE our elected representative in Washington. The people who voted for you (and those who didn’t) deserve to know exactly what you said, unfiltered by this nattering nabob of negativity. Here it is (and the link too):

“I am deeply disappointed by this decision which is a body blow to yet another critical pillar of the Voting Rights Act – our nation’s marquee law protecting Americans’ precious and foundational right to vote. By overriding Congress’s clear intent in crafting Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act – affirmed over and over again with overwhelming bipartisan support – a partisan majority on the Court has yet again made it easier for states to suppress the vote with impunity and harder to protect it.

“Despite the growing wave of voter suppression tactics that we are witnessing, the Court seems intent on gutting the key instruments we possess to ensure that all our voices are represented in our elections. Along with its previous partisan decision in Shelby County v. Holder, the majority on the Court today has cast its vote against millions of American voters who simply want the chance to participate in their democracy. Now, more than ever, Congress must come together across party lines and pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act which I intend to reintroduce in the next several weeks.”

Suddenly the future of federal usurpation of Constitutionally-guaranteed states’ rights looks dim. The federal government’s power to squash voter recounts in battleground states looks even less likely. Far from crushing all opposition beneath them, the wheels of the One-Party Wagon are coming off.

In October, a bluer-than-blue study group appointed by Pres. Biden is scheduled to announce whether Congress should expand the Supreme Court and impose term limits. I’m sure Sen. Leahy can’t wait.

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  1. Leahy is yet another Commie Puppet in the mix. His words are shallow and hollow. Anyone can see through his convoluted mumbo jumbo. He has no logic to his thoughts and is only following orders as a good puppet should, just like the Main Stream Media. All are in cahoots with the program to make America a subject of China, a Marxist/Globalist puppet to China.

    Voting should be corrupt-free, no ballot harvesting. It should have Voter ID and Signature Verification. We should have paper ballots only. We should not be counting ballots cast in the wrong precinct (or county). Plain and simple.

    The House of Cards is crumbling and the full stench of what’s been going on for decades will come to light very soon.

    Leahy must be expelled from office. He’s been taking taxpayer money for decades only to erode the State of Vermont and the Country.

  2. “We should not be counting ballots cast in the wrong precinct (or county).”

    So military personnel don’t get to vote by absentee ballot anymore?

    • That is not problem in the service. Their ballots are counter signed by the unit officer. Proving who they are.

      • No, they are not. Where did you get that idea? The voter submits a Federal Postal Card Application to register and request the ballot, you fill out the ballot and in some cases scan and email or in others you mail it back.

        Except of course in traditional Town Meeting in which service members are denied full suffrage every time some knucklehead introduces anything “from the floor” that wasn’t on the warning.

        Any officer who even touches a voter’s ballot is begging to be investigated, much less “sign off” on them. It’s like postal, pay and leave; you do not screw with it ever.

  3. Elmer Fudd is one I would vote for before Leahy.

    Remember the Leahy shenanigan with Fred Tuttle ?

    Pat, you seem to have forgotten that episode.

  4. Senator Leahy’s view of the world is on full display here. It’s probably just me, but I can’t see this as a view reflective of his Vermont constituents. Who is he representing?

  5. Patrick Leahy is a tool of the Democratic party. I would expect no different.

  6. When I first read the headline, I thought that is pretty much all he does these days – grumble, mumble, moan, groan, cough, and drool into his pudding cup. The old man Sir Patrick Leahy isn’t the man he once was and he’s compromised so badly that taking the dirt nap is likely better than facing a firing squad for treason.

  7. I’ve known him and his family for a long time. His parents would be embarrassed. Time for him to give up the ghost and retire. Let the Governor appoint someone that will serve all Vermont.

    • RINO Govenour appointee, NO THANK YOU. We would get a younger version of what we already have.

  8. Sadly leahy will only be replaced by another fringe alt left moonbat like molly gray or phil scott both have no integrity or true leadership. For phil scott to allow the 4th of July to be pushed aside for some dance group in proof he sides with the marxists.

    • A municipal celebration is a municipal matter, not a state matter. There really is no excuse for the level of civics ignorance being exhibited here.

      • That “Municipal” event took place on the State House lawn which is state property, and is subject to Buildings and General Services approval, and regulations.

    • “…leahy will only be replaced by another fringe alt left moonbat like molly gray or phil scott…” Well, maybe not. Things are afoot up here in these mountains. I think I’m hearing the voices of Vermont good sense blooming all around us. See the comments streams in Guy Page’s Vt. Daily and True North and “Generally Irritable Ericka Reddic’s” web casts. See how this sound to you: “Senator Roper. –.or — Senator McClaughry — or — Senator Klar — or — Senator sensible person out there…” all we have to do is convince some of those emerging folks that we want them to represent us.

  9. I’ve always thought he and Sanders were the byproduct of inter-family fence jumping…Then again, that would probably apply to a lot of Dem’s

  10. I just listened to an interview with a junior Congresswoman and she says you don’t have to be that smart to get into Congress. She said that the staffs do the majority of work – not the person voted in to represent the people. Leahy’s comments sound like someone wrote them for him while he was napping. The Congresswoman also said that they only wear masks in the areas where the cameras will be filming. Pelosi’s House is like Potomkin villages – all fake! So are most of the occupants. Vote them out!

  11. What about the rights of those of us who vote properly and legally?
    Should our votes be diluted because safeguards aren’t in place?
    Gerrymandering should be addressed, but mail-in ballots shouldn’t be available to just anyone.

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