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483-ton power transformer to clog I-89 traffic this weekend

Transport of vital power transmission equipment 22′ wide

You may want to alter your plans if you are  traveling I-89 south between Milton and Berlin late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

An oversized, ‘wide load’ transport will have an average speed of 10-15 MPH and will occupy both lanes of travel. “[V]ehicles will be unable to pass during these times.” There will be some interruptions to northbound travel as well on Sunday morning between Randolph and Berlin.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation confirmed this morning the load is a power grid transformer. Secretary Joe Flynn also provided the startling weight and dimensions (apparently including transformer and transport):
– Weight – 966,500 lbs.
– Width – 22’ 3”
– Height – 16’ 10”
– Length – 243’

Transformers reduce the voltage from hi-voltage transmission lines from Hydro-Quebec and other out-of-state generators. The reduced-voltage power is then distributed on lower-voltage lines, eventually reaching customers. Transformers are considered a potential weak point in the USA power transmission grid, due to their growing scarcity, non-domestic manufacture, and targeting for physical and cyber attacks.

As reported in today’s Journal-Opinion, the full announcement from VTrans appears below:

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  1. Lots of chatter going around the country about transport of heavy equipment – by air and by ground – Vermont was mentioned. No validated receipts from authorities – other than training missions being conducted. Worth having eyes on to see what is being sent down the pike if they won’t disclose details. We are likely paying for it, so we should be able to know what they are spending our money on friviously or not. First time seeing a low flying jet careening over my location from North screaming South…not a usual occurance by any means.

  2. Just a wild guess but a guess based on the last Judicial list of sealed indictments for Vermonters. Those under indictments included Pedophiles, human trafficking, Smuggling, etc, etc. The last I knew; just stopped tracking this info, the numer was around 550 indictments and just to be clear there can be and usually are multiple names on 1 indictment. Oh yes I would expect many, perhaps even most of the Legislators will be included along with Agency heads.. Just saying… I could be wrong, but well see… If I’m correct this roundup will be leaving for GTIMO…..on a prision barge.

  3. Picture looks like it has eyes and a nose, what does this AI Transformer turn into?

  4. Since it is June, I guess this “trans”former would qualify as a pride parade