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Despite protest, 100 gather to hear de-transitioner Walt Heyer

About 100 people attended a live, online presentation with detransitioning expert Walt Heyer, informing parents concerned about transgender ideology and its impact on their school-age children.  

The event was sponsored by Vermont Parents’ Rights in Education, which offers free memberships and help in organizing local chapters. Twice the number of attendees assembled on a grassy circle outside the school entrance to protest the event.  

Walt Heyer

While the event was free, those attending were asked to provide their name and email address to organizers.  Police presence was significant. The protest was peaceful and the presentation was not disrupted.  

The protest was preceded by an unsuccessful effort to get the Vergennes school superintendent to cancel the event.

“A major point of concern is that Vergennes is populated by a high percentage of Trump supporters who have protested Pride Month and other ‘woke and liberal left’ issues,” Pride supporter Miguel Brett Thompson said on his public Facebook page. “Soule is fanning hot embers. The fire she creates could be dangerous. Telling anti-LGBTQ radicals that they’re right in their hateful bigotry only emboldens them to increase their efforts.”

Heyer, 83, who has been speaking out for 33 years in an effort to educate others on the dangers of attempting to transition from one God-ordained sex – male or female – to another so-called “gender identity.”  

Heyer said he regrets his so-called “bottom surgery” among other aspects of his experience.  More information is available at Heyer’s website, He recommended his book, Trans Life Survivors.  

Heyer pointed out that such an effort to “transition” is futile because it’s not truly possible. He has made it his mission in life to support others who, like him, have “detransitioned” to the gender consistent with their biological sex. 

Heyer also supports parents and groups to combat false messaging fostered by transgender ideology.  When asked about the seminal change which seems to have spurred, at least in part, the growth of transgender ideology, Heyer points to a 2013 change to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) whereby the affliction previously known as “gender disorder” became instead “gender dysphoria.” The difference is that in order to warrant treatment for dysphoria, the person afflicted must be diagnosed with an underlying disorder. Before, the affliction itself was designated a disorder warranting treatment.  

Heyer says fully two-thirds of those afflicted with gender dysphoria suffer from multiple underlying disorders, including depression, phobia and social adjustment disorder. He said everyone should be aware of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which produce trauma and disorders likely underlying gender dysphoria.  

Perhaps most significantly, Heyer noted that at least five nations previously seen as leading proponents and supporters of Transgender Ideology have recently pulled back that support.  Heyer mentioned the UK (pediatric gender clinic shut down), Sweden, Finland, France and Norway.  

Heyer says lawsuits are pending, particularly in California, which will likely lead to class-action suits against medical providers and others for the damage done by hormone therapy and surgery.  An article on Heyer’s website says, “Ten to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers.” – Contributed by attendee

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  1. Ya goota LOVE the “tolerant” leftist radicals from consistently trying to shut down free speech AND free assembly!


  2. What jumps out to me is Mr. Page writes “While the event was free, those attending were asked to provide their name and email address to organizers.”
    Why? Is this a routine, normal thing for attendees of “Parents’ Rights in Education”? Or for the town of Vergennes, or the state of Vermont? Do attendees of PRIDE events have to do the same thing? Where did that information go?
    Just curious.

    • I’m presuming that with so many assaults, threats, vandalism, etc. perpetrated almost entirely by the “tolerant” leftist radicals when it comes to these issues, the event organizers thought it would be best, in terms of law enforcement capabilities, to know who any potential perpetrators at the event might be, so they could promptly be identified. It’s sad indeed that freedom of assembly and speech is under attack by the left. Nonetheless, it is. And nonetheless, it will NEVER keep patriots confined or silent!!!

      • You are exactly correct, Kathleen (as I was helping at this event), it was to thwart any activism or disruption caused by anyone attending the event. Thankfully, all went well. P.S.: PB, the names went into the dumpster

    • As long as the attendance list does not fall into the hands of the “aggrieved protestors”, no problem. The antifa-type tranny advocates would use it as a hit list.

    • I attended the event. The organizers told attendees that names and emails were requested for security, without further explanation. I think Kathleen Gaffney’s proffered explanation, below, is most likely.

  3. By the way, also “just curious” (as with “PB”) — who did the protesting and what were their supposedly rational reasons??? A man who dared to recount his PERSONAL life story to others? Lol. The “tolerant” left at it once again.

    Kinda reminiscent of the poor elderly gentleman they beat up on the streets of Burlington who was attending one of their “pride” parades. He didn’t recite his mandated “talking points” perfectly if I recall correctly.

  4. Pay attention to the fact an 83 year old man is speaking to protect children and mankind, while others are attempting to continue the assault and criminal conduct perpetrated upon children and mankind. Matthew 18:6 But whoso shall aoffend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Declared and decreed.

    • The VT media & other sources portrayed this as a “hateful event”/“hate speech”. I helped with organizing this. Not ONE WORD out of Mr. Heyer’s mouth was hateful. He spoke of love, support, compassion, & care for those considering transgendering. A compelling & fact-backed speaker. I’m grateful the Haters kept to their space & the event went on as planned. A huge Thank You to the principal of Vergennes High School who personally walked my husband around the school that morning as he was scoping it out, & offering her help if needed. Many thanks.

      • Regina, THANK YOU and all the unnamed others who helped organize this. As you likely well know, anything that the radical left does not agree with is immediately labeled as “hate” speech, which, is not ONLY delusory but meaningless – as an intrinsic part of freedom of speech is having the right to proffer whatever one feels regardless of how another person’s interpretation, even if such is construed as “hateful”.

        These Marxist tactics are a direct attack on our Constitutional freedoms and right on cue, as you might have read, some lawmakers are vocalizing their intent to want to prosecute “hate” speech (as defined by them, but of course) and even attempting to force citizens to report “hate” speech when encountered!

        Not in a gazillion years! This Constitutional Republic shall PREVAIL!

        Bring it on, Karl Marx lemmings!!! I. am. FREE.

  5. It is not hate to warn people about the devastating risks of life long hormone treatments and futile surgeries. Read the stories of detransitioners on Reddit if you doubt this.