Opinion: VT celebrates virus victory too soon

To the editor:

The problem is everyone is still celebrating, but they don’t really know what they are celebrating. Yes we’re doing much better, but what is weather forecast with delta on horizon, well within our radar scope – if they are watching. Are they? Would they tell us? Delta may follow this scenario, it’s going to get rampant among the unvaccinated. This will increase as well breakthough cases. While most will survive, some breakthrough cases will die. It is unknown as to how Covid will affect children, but it is really trending toward affecting the young.

With that many cases nationally, it could be that in Vermont a new variant may surface that the vaccine will not protect against. It will take at least three months to know this statistically. That puts us at end of summer, and into the new school year.

Vermont went to far in what they let go of, and it could cost us very dearly. When the ideal dream becomes the reality, you know something bad is going to happen. On a side note, look for a hurricane to strike the northeast this year.

Dale Hackett


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  1. Everything is a unknown within the scope of Covid. If you’ve done any research, the Biden administration and CDC has touted that the experimental shot is supposed to be effective against the “Delta” variant so vaxed people need not worry, right? If you believe in the govt and CDC that is. By all accounts, and research has shown, children and the younger generation are less likely to contract Covid and if they do recover quickly, gain anti bodies, and move on with their lives. I can only speculate, however, but I see the Biden socialist regime blowing the “Delta’ variant way out of control, attempting another mask mandate as well as another lock down AND using it as a tool to MANDATE the shot for our children to return to school and those people who prefer to wait until they’ve seen the short/long term side effects, it’s out of clinical trials and 100% FDA approved. I wouldn’t rely on “no backbone” Gov Scott to protect Vermonters right to choose either, he’s demonstrated he’s a puppet for the current administration. Poor Vermont!

  2. There’s always going to be another variant until Covid either burns itself out or kills off the human race. Relax. Get outside this weekend. Watch a parade. Have a picnic. Enjoy the weekend with family and friends. Time to come out of your basement bunker Dale.

  3. Dale, I hate to be the one to break this news to you whilst you claim this is all unknown: The VAST amount of children & young adults are, in fact, NOT particularly adversely by Covid19, thus far vaccinated persons appear to be protected against severe Covid19 though not at levels quite as high (nearly 100%) and life itself is ALWAYS 100% effective.

    You’re much more likely, frankly, to be stricken with cancer than with Covid19, so try not to eat anything, breathe any air, drink water, make sure to not venture outdoors…..and in the end, death awaits. For us all.


  4. The Federal Government’s Open Border Policy has resulted in illegal immigrants from 100+ countries entering the U.S. without testing for having COVID-19 or any other diseases. They are being spread out across numerous states. How many variants are bring imported into the country is unknown. Sounds like an intentional plan for perpetual government imposition of extra ordinary powers. Socialists never let a good crisis go to waste. Republican leadership, of course, being the weak, feckless, untrustworthy group that they are, have not brought this to the public’s attention at all!

  5. Hmm…seems the supposed Delta variant is being pushed so they can lock us down again…CCP getting the last of their last “false flags” in before they are terminated.
    Stop watching MSN….it’s all propaganda…..

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