Opinion: Village of Essex Jct. cancels Constitutional rights

To the editor:

Can you imagine the Village of Essex Junction violating the U.S. Constitution? No? I couldn’t either. But they did! They fired a Town employee, an 18-year-old lifeguard for giving a political speech at a public meeting. Here, read it for yourself in the June 17 Vermont Daily. This young man can sue Essex.

But what other public players support this government violation of our most cherished, our most uniting of freedoms? You would think this story would be all over the news, but did any of Vermont’s state-wide main-stream printed news media report it? Seven Days? – no. VTDigger? – no. You have to wonder whether these news outlets are reporting only what they WANT us to hear. They don’t seem to want us to know when a Vermont municipality violates a young man’s freedom of speech.

In my home county of Grand Isle, we know that the only accurate and comprehensive source of the news is the Islander. And for a complete and accurate view of current events in Vermont, every Vermonter should consider subscribing to Vermont Daily. Subscriptions are free.

Speaking of free, thank goodness U.S. citizens are still that, at least those of us outside of Essex, Vermont.

Robert Fireovid

South Hero

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  1. It really is odd that this incident was kept so quiet. Is there something not being reported about it? I myself dropped tips at Legal Insurrection and Reason. I got a “Thank you” back from an actual person (I think) at Legal Insurrection, but haven’t seen anything since. If the details are being reported correctly, this was pretty huge.

  2. It’s stunning that 7Days and Digger continue with their clumsy editorial & reporting bias. Bless their hearts…they still think their “we know what’s good for you” enlightened agenda will prevail. Catch-up folks…you’ve become a joke. Vermont is rising. Thank God for EPageinator, the VtDaily and True North.

    • Agreed~ ! Can you share info on EPageinator? I couldn’t find it in a search. Thanks in advance~!