Opinion: Madame Speaker, I vote No – and here’s why

by Guy Page

December 19, 2019 – Today or tomorrow, every Congressional Tom, Dick and Harriet will vote on impeachment. Some will explain their votes. I invite We the People to do the same on social media. I’ll get the ball rolling…..

Madame Speaker, I rise to explain my vote of “no” on the impeachment question. Long before the 2016 presidential election, America was plagued by 10 serious, systemic problems that few in power talked about, except to blame the other party or kick the can down the road. Until DJT was elected America saw little success in solving these problems……

  1. American involvement in oil wars. Before, it was a given that we were the world’s oil-addicted policeman. Now, we’re no longer over a barrel because we don’t need Middle Eastern, Russian or Venezuelan barrels, anymore. Good riddance!
  2. Minority poverty. Jobs, earnings, home ownership – all up. Helpful is as helpful does. Boosting military spending a big help here too as 1/3 of enlisted troops are minorities. And thanks to #1 they are less likely to die in some foreign sandbox.
  3. Ever-rising taxes. 2017 tax law. Lower taxes. Booyah.
  4. Domestic Islamic terrorism. Exactly one American has died in an “Allahu Akbar” attack since Trump took office.
  5. Passive acceptance of weak economic growth. See what happens when gummint cuts taxes, empowers the energy industry, and cuts bureaucratic red tape? Americans produce!
  6. China cheating their trading “partners.” Gutsy DJT speaks the language they understand best: lost markets. Brighter future not only for trade but also human rights.
  7. Disappearing US manufacturing. This new reality was a “given” before Crazy Old Trump started insisting trade deal renegotiation could repatriate many of these jobs. Globalists hate him for it. Let them pound sand.
  8. The Big Lie of an apolitical, impartial mainstream media. More than anyone, ever, Trump has called out the liberal American media. And almost daily his Twitter feed sets the news narrative.
  9. Presidents paying lip service to the rights of the unborn. He has appointed two terrific SCOTUS judges. His administration jumped all over UVM Medical Center when it coerced pro-life nurses to helping with abortions.
  10. Bi-partisan appointment of federal judges who forsake the Constitution in favor of culture. Trump and the GOP-led Senate have rescued Constitutional jurisprudence for a generation to come.

I could go on. But that’s enough for now. Stacked against three-plus years of awesome, positive, systemic leadership, what’s a possible peccadillo of presidential pressure on a foreign leader? Especially when Pat Leahy did the exact same thing in a letter to Ukrainian senior officials and no-one cared. No-one can mindread why Trump wanted the Ukrainians to investigate Biden. The reasons he gave look sound to me.

In conclusion, Madame Speaker: Good policies. Good outcomes. Good president. I vote no.

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