Opinion: Biden destroys jobs, increases dependence on Russia

To the editor:

President Biden continues his great divide with devastating implications. He’s destroyed jobs and increased Russian oil dependence. The America First agenda is gone. The G7 partners are clamoring for our dollars for Climate Change. His meeting with Putin enabled a resurgence of Soviet power.

Though Biden has promised no middle-class tax increase, inflation is eroding our savings. The Deutsch Bank has stated the worst is yet to come. Biden’s $6T budget proposal prints more money to buy votes with more entitlements. Gasoline has increased 50 percent and building materials 100 percent. Food prices are increasing the fastest in history with no slow down. Housing prices are rising and families are opting to rent as the dollar value erodes.

Biden says our greatest threat is white racism implying his opponents, namely Trump supporters, need re-education. Biden and Congress established “Juneteenth”, a national holiday, fulfilling a Black Lives Matter goal and further exacerbating racism and division by reframing black history.

Wake up America! Protect our way of life. Demand responsible government, without a Marxist focus and historical fiction that imposes fundamental change in our country. Ignore the left’s gibberish destructive Cancel Culture. Our heritage, freedom and liberty must be preserved.

Frank Mazur, South Burlington

The author is a former member of the Vermont House of Representatives from South Burlington.

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  1. What heritage? What culture? Stealing land from the natives? Slavery? I know this is a very hard concept for fragile white male egos, but history is what it is. I find it fascinating that you folks can’t even read about things you don’t like without peeing your little white panties. Thank god, the American oppressed only fight you with the ballot box. Meanwhile, do indeed dress up like toy soldiers and follow your lunatic white leader, Donald. It’s the very best example that white people are clearly not superior. We are on a very sad and ignorant decline.

  2. Hi Jodi. Love the passion for hate against Trump and American culture. You may love the “Reset” that President Joseph Biden has planned for you. It goes something like this. Print more money so inflation causes anyone that owns a house not to be able to pay their taxes. This will force white people to abandon their homes. Pass law to deny anyone from buying an existing house that doesn’t meet the unobtainable climate change directives for energy efficiency. In other words prevent home ownership all together. This is why the only buildings being built in the state are apartments. Apartments also lend themselves to be subsidized by the state and be mandated to have smart devices that control air conditioning to 80 degrees and heat to 62 degrees to accommodate more socially demonized populations to become mainstreamed into neighborhoods. My guess is these types of things don’t affect you. Second perpetuate the pandemic narrative so people have an excuse not to work. This will prevent products from being produced in factories and deplete food supply chains for the majority of the middle class . The political elite will get first dibbs and the poor won’t get prosecuted when they steal what is left on the shelves. Of course there will be rolling black outs of power that will affect the disabled disproportionally. And when the Communist Chinese become successful deposing the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world, American savings accounts, IRA, stocks will become worthless. This is the part where Biden can claim success for depopulating America by design through deadly vaccination and declaring that the reset has been accomplished.

  3. I agree with Don. The Democrats’ are filled with so hate on conservatism, that they can’t see what is really going on. Hopefully they will wake up to the truth.

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