OD on fentanyl-laced pot

Police are warning of fentanyl-laced marijuana in Vermont. It caused one person to overdose in Brattleboro.

Brattleboro police say they responded to a report of an overdose on Saturday.

CPR was used and several doses of Narcan were required to revive the patient. Police say the patient survived.

The patient told authorities that they had not used any opiates, and had only smoked marijuana.

Officers conducted a field test on the patient’s remaining marijuana and it tested positive for fentanyl.

Police say marijuana users are cautioned to ensure they know the source and history of any marijuana they may consume.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing.

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  1. Sounds cliche & naive? Maybe. But “Just Say No To Drugs” prevents an awful lot of drug-related accidents, murders, suicides, and O.D.’s……matter of fact, ALL of them!

    Yet our esteemed VT Legislators needed to enable more with legalized pot. Thanks, as always nimrods!

  2. Fentanyl is far too available, because the Chinese are aggressively bringing it to our streets.

    At time stamp 5 minutes into this Oregon high school student’s documentary, shows students MOOKING, mixing pot and other stuff, just for the kicks they would get – SEIZING, having seizures.

    Is this really what we want our young people to make sport of doing? With fentanyl around in cheap and available quantitities this is not the only overdose we can expect to see.

    Marijuana is NOT the safe drug that people have portrayed it to be. It is NOT something that non-users should just shrug off and say – if they want to smoke, let them smoke. They already think its safe because it is legal. IT IS NOT SAFE. It is a psychoactive drug that should be a controlled substance, ask any pharmacist or doctor, these drugs should not be over the counter available to the public.

    If your town is one of about 200, that has not opened the doors to commercialized cannabis, tell those that want to smoke, they can grow their own. It is safer than having a local store luring more users – especially young users making them among the 10% that are likely to become future addicts and burdens for taxpayers.