Nunnikhoven: Living in the Age of Euphemism

To the editor:

1. My, wasn’t it a colorful fall foliage with its brilliant yellows.  No, it was a foliage which began with washed out reds. Of course the yellows stood out.

2. Too bad Daylight Savings Time has to end. If we are no longer saving something, we must be entering Daylight Wasting Time. Or if I need a longer rope, I will Iop two feet off this end and tie it on the other. Problem fixed.

3. My girl friend is pregnant, no problem. Our constitution bans any regulation of reproductive surgery. No, our constitution is about to be modified to allow the murder of the unborn. A form of murder of the weakest and most defenseless among us by the cruelest form of murder imaginable…murder by dismemberment in the mother’s womb.  Of course, the problem is not resolved by a less cruel form of murder.

John A Nunnikhoven, Chester

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  1. Dear John, your first two observations are silly. But the 3rd one is dead serious. As the father-to-be, I believe this amendment just gave YOU the authority to stop any reproductive procedures even if your girlfriend wants them. Whose reproductive freedom will prevail ?

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