No parental OK needed for transgender services under bills passed by House, Senate

H.89 and S.37 gender-affirming “Shield Bills” target minors, college students

Under bills passed by both the House and the Senate, children of any age can access transgender services without parental permission, the Vermont Family Alliance has confirmed by reviewing legislative testimony (see below).

Both House Judiciary Chair Rep. Martin LaLonde (D-South Burlington) and Senate Health & Welfare Chair Sen. Ginny Lyons (D-Chittenden) also have made it clear that H.89 and S.37, two compatible “companion” bills that shield gender-affirming care practitioners and persons that assist others in procuring gender-affirming services from both civil and criminal litigation, prohibit increases in malpractice insurance, and allow insurance companies to provide full-coverage medical insurance for gender-affirming services, prioritize the facilitation and protection of gender-affirming services for minors and young adults.

Chairperson LaLonde provided context for H.89 to the House Judiciary Committee prior to legislative counsel’s walkthrough. He cited other states, such as Alabama, that are limiting or banning gender-affirming services for minors and youth, and the Joint Resolution (J.R.S. 53) passed last year that condemned the actions of these states. He stated, “We’re further committed to exploring all available options to ensure that transgender youth and their families are safe in Vermont to make the best medical care decisions for themselves in consultation with their health care providers . . . H.89 would create a so-called ‘shield law’ to protect Vermont doctors, nurses, and others for providing reproductive or gender-affirming health care that is legal here in Vermont.”

During legislative counsel’s walkthrough of S.37 in the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare,  Chairperson Lyons commented in regard to Section 9, “. . . when we talk about gender-affirming health care services – we’re talking about a fairly young population, so adolescent population – ‘it could be any age,’ legislative counsel interjected – it can be any age . . . right now, the waitlist, for example, is pretty high in the adolescent group, so yeah, it’s important to have some counseling or support services or something available.”

While legislators claim S.37 and H.89 provide protections against litigation from other states, Lyon’s comments are relevant to Vermonters in that Section 9 of S.37 compels the Department of Health and the Green Mountain Care Board to consult with “relevant stakeholders,” identify areas where gender-affirming health services, abortion, and birth care are not available within a 50-mile radius within Vermont and make recommendations to facilitate access to these services in areas that are underserved.

Both in-state and out-of-state college students, of legal age of consent and out from under the guiding protection of their parents or guardians, will have facilitated access to gender-affirming care under Section 12, which requires the University of Vermont and colleges in the Vermont State College system, such as Northern Vermont University, to provide “readiness plans” for gender-affirming and reproductive health services.

Section 11 of S.37 allows licensed retail and institutional drug outlets to install over-the-counter contraception and emergency contraception vending, possibly making these drugs and pregnancy prevention products accessible to minors without parental knowledge or consent.

Senator Randy Brock, Franklin, posed a series of questions about parental involvement in their minor child’s gender dysphoria treatment after Senator Lyons’ provided the second reading of S.37 on the Senate floor Thursday, March 16, culminating in  Brock asking Lyons @55:20 whether there is any requirement that parents be involved in their minor child’s psychological care regarding the minor child’s gender dysphoria. Lyon’s responded, “. . . whether it’s a medical counselor or M.S.W. (Master’s in Social Work), or whomever it is, the practice in this area is to reach out to families.” Under 18 V.S.A. § 8350a minor may consent to legally authorized outpatient psychotherapy and counseling treatment without parental consent.

Legislators serving on both the House and Senate Committees insist H.89 and S.37 do not affect parent’s rights to “participate” in their children’s health care, yet only gender-affirming care is legally protected under both bills, to the exclusion of all other types of care, such as extended exploratory psychological care. In combination with provisions in H.89 and S.37 that facilitate and protect exclusively gender-affirming services, parent’s rights to direct, and not merely participate, in their children’s and young adult’s health care, are severely undermined and by default, usurped.

H.89 has passed the House and has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. S.37 passed in the Senate for a third reading. – Sourced from Vermont Family Alliance

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  1. I would now expect that Lyons and LaLonde will push for legislation repealing the requirement to be 18 years old to get a tattoo without parent’s permission…it’s a thing they sometimes like to refer to as “parity”.

  2. So young programable human units, may only be feed, clothed and housed by adult parental units ? Sounds positively Vulcan to me. Live long and prosper ! Once again, cue the Twilight Zone theme music.

    • One other requirement of parents is that they provide insurance to their children. Parents have to have insurance but have no say in what treatment they receive under that insurance (or the treatment is provided at taxpayer expense).

      As to sports activities, my guess is that they will eliminate “girls” or “boys” sports and make it open to anyone since they will not be able to differentiate between them as it would be improper or illegal to attempt to do so.

  3. It’s similar to what Germany did under Hitler’s reign, except of course even much worse. Government replaces parents, children are indoctrinated, children work for the state, & whenever necessary rat on their family, friends, & neighbors who dare not keep lockstep.

    The Vermont legislators are tyrannists. And we all are living with the consequences because of a dumbed-down electorate coupled with a press that is no longer free, but also government sponsored media. Same as China.

    I will NOT comply, Vermont. And you shall eventually go down in defeat. And your entire atheist/government is god gig?

    You had better “PRAY” that there’s no God!

    • The best Hollywood depiction of what you said is the movie Swing Kids. Takes place in Germany in the early Hitler youth days. American Swing music was banned and the children were taught to tell on their parents, brothers and sisters who didn’t follow the rules. Christen Bale in one of his first roles. It’s an eye opener and before Hollywood went Woke. Check it out, it’s history and a great story.

  4. There’s going to be a lot of regretful, angry, violent, and suicidal people with mutilated and infertile bodies in about five to ten years. The left will, of course, find a way to blame anyone but themselves. This is what happens when you over-coddle, can’t say no and eschew accountability on a socio-political scale.

  5. Both bills are more signs this legislature has lost its way and values death and destruction more than life, and are willing to destroy family, the basic unit of a healthy functioning society. To take a line from Dylan Thomas, “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

  6. Looking forward to Soylent Green being in the menu.

    Perhaps we could start it with school systems as part of the free lunch program before we move on to the prisons.

    Seems a pretty reasonable next step for VT on its current path

  7. I’m totally disgusted with our Legislature!! These kids have no idea what the consequences will be just like with the Vax!! We are in a Nazi state and the people of Vermont are to blame for their stupidity in voting for these Progressives!

    • It seems the Vermont voters are really really stupid beyond belief, and democrat!

  8. I will never understand those idiots. I “calls them like I sees them”! I wonder what they will say if-God forbid-one of their children, or grandchildren, commits suicide some day because they underwent sexual mutilation when a child. BTW- I do encourage counseling be available for children if/when they feel a need to talk. A long time ago when I was teaching a Tech course, a student privately confided in me about his sexual preference, as he didn’t feel comfortable talking with his family. Thankfully, I handled it appropriately and his family later thanked me. Legislation is NOT necessary to address such issues!

    • You can’t shame or reason with these legislators, they are like the Hitler followers of the 30s. The plan to control everything is in play. If you voted for this (speaking generally) you are responsible for the outcome. Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. Wake to hell up! Guy needs to print Bumper Stickers that say, Are you sick of the lies? Read VT Daily Chronicle!

  9. Are the children of of these idiots in Montpelier subject to the same lunacy as our children? Love to be that fly on the when that happens!

    • Probably the most ardent supporters are too old to have children. Those that aren’t may one day regret how their virtue signaling ruined their own grandchild or their child. What goes around, comes around. These legislators should not be allowed near children.

  10. Remember when people moved to Vermont because it was thought to be great place to raise children? Remember when people moved to Vermont because they dreamed of being in that beautiful, peaceful place pictured in Vermont Life Magazine? Two decades of infiltration of corrupted, immoral, unethical despots has destroyed that image. Perhaps Vermont Life Magazine should be rebooted to show illegals crossing the Northern Border, graffitti painted all over buildings, overpasses, and rock ledges, drug addicts staggering down local sidewalks, small children at drag queen reading hours, homeless pods, abandoned empty buildings, for sale signs posted on muliple homes on the same street, and the headlines that advertise it’s a great place to be put to be death and composted. The real life in Vermont these days.

    • Vermont is no where near what I moved to it for in 1975. It is time for me to soon say goodbye.

  11. Our children are no longer safe in Vermont public schools. According to Vermont Agency of Education’s Continuing Best Practices for Schools Regarding Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students, schools have a right to help students deceive their parents by secretly being transgendered at school. Schools can have two records for each student. One record the parents can see and the other record the parents cannot see. It is wrong for adults to advise students to have secrets from their parents. It is clear that S. 37 and H.89 will allow minor aged children to receive counselling and gender affirming care without parental consent. This is wrong. These bills must not pass.

    • Re: “These bills must not pass.”

      But they will pass – because the Progressive’s in the legislature have achieved a ‘super-majority’.

      Now you have to figure out what to do about it. So, please take my advice…. you can’t change law without a voting majority. You can’t elect a sympathetic school board. And even if you could, local school boards are ineffective.

      The only thing you can do is get your kids out of the Vermont public-schools… whatever it takes. Support your friends and neighbors with homeschooling. Or leave the State of Vermont, if your children are at risk.

      Read about the Milgram Experiment. The Progressives view themselves as doing what they’re told to do in the performance of a public service. And, if history is any indication, there is no limit as to what pain and suffering they will force on parents.

      • It is only words on paper, they can do ONLY what we allow them to do. It is up to the law to either stop them or support them.

  12. Any attempt to bar individuals from recovering damages from medical malpractice or any other tort will be found unconstitutional. It is the fundamental right of a free people, the basis of all the other rights specified by the Bill of Rights and it’s Amendments.if there wasn’t something deeply wrong about ‘gender-affirming’ care I it’s current formulation the legislators wouldn’t be trying to do it. furthermore, by suggesting it they are endangering the future of sensible, positive therapies for this problem.

  13. This is unreal, I question what Vermont is doing, I question what this nation is doing ……I definately do not feel like I belong here……..complete insanity

  14. The parents are responsible for their child till they are 18,period! Impeach these people that don’t care about your family unit!

  15. Public education along with the medical system has been highjacked/infiltrated with Marxist propaganda which basically pits ideology against family values. Parents are to be considered second-class citizens in relation to the state at best. The power of the pen will be wielded by a supermajority who somehow think it’s OK to kill full-term babies and perform irreversible surgery on the private parts of children in the name of progress for starters. Here is where the questions remain: What are we going to do about it? What can we do about it? All I know is the people that are mere accomplices–teachers and medical personnel–had better beware, because a lot of parents are not going to willingly go along with this sick agenda.

  16. We need Trump and Trump supporters in the government, no democrats or rinos. Restore America now.

  17. Our world as we once new it has lost all of the values , faith, family ideals, common sense and has been taken over by Evil Left Loving individuals Thanks to the puppeteers of ‘O” BIden