No known Ivermectin illnesses in VT, Levine says

by Guy Page

There are no reported cases of adverse effects from the use of ivermectin to prevent and treat Covid-19, Health Dept. Commissioner Mark Levine stated during today’s press conference.

Chris Roy of the Newport Daily Express asked how much Ivermectin is used in Vermont as a Covid-19 preventive/treatment, and if any adverse experiences have been reported.

Levine answered, “It’s received a lot of press lately. The Medical and scientific press are pretty unified that it doesn’t have a role in treating human beings and preventing Covid from occurring.” Levine made repeated references to Ivermectin’s use as a veterinary medicine. He did not mention that researchers won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for establishing ivermectin’s use in treating humans for parasites, or that ivermectin is a CDC-required treatment for human refugees coming to the United States.

Science Direct also reports that “Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls. During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments.”

Levine did confirm, however, that no adverse effects from Ivermectin have been reported in Vermont. “The experience in VT – I am not aware that anyone has been treated for adverse effects. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I’m just not aware of it.”

By contrast, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports 11 Vermont deaths and 68 serious adverse events from Covid-19 vaccinations through July 9. While anecdotal and not conclusive, most VAERS reports are prepared by health care providers on behalf of their patients.

Ivermectin is available by prescription in Vermont pharmacies.

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  1. It is beyond belief that a Medical Doctor with the alleged experience level of Mark Levine would merely reiterate talking points. If there is substantiated evidence of a 31% decline in deaths with the use of a existing pharmaceutical, one would think that substantial research and trials would be underway here in the US to confirm these results. Allegedly, in India the results were substantially better.
    Think about this for a moment. The possibility exists that a course of treatment offers 31% of the SARS CoV2 deaths MAY have been preventable, but the treatment was ignored because, Why?
    Because Orange Man mentioned it? I’m not anything close to a medical professional, but I’d certainly have a definitive answer to why or why not this treatment should be used if it was me at that podium. Levine is supposedly a medical professional, why the evasive answer? He certainly has definitely proclaimed the virtues of an brand new vaccine.

  2. This is nothing short of ignorance and negligence. The information is out there, we all know it. Levin is just trying to hide it from the people who actually hang on every word he says and thanks him for inflicting harm on them. Much like they do with the gubbernor….”please lock us up again” “Tell us we have to wear 13 masks!!!” Good Lord. There are 51 doctors worldwide who got together and developed EARLY treatment AT HOME with either HCQ or Ivermectin and, wow, it works. All I can assume is that Levin is getting a kickback just like the gubbernor for each person jabbed. He’s handing out 2M to highly jabbed schools so I gotta believe hes getting his pockets and Levins, lined too.

  3. If there were effective treatments (AND THERE ARE!!), there would be NO emergency use authorization and certainly no mandates allowed. Hence the stonewalling, denial, and censorship.
    Go to FLCCC and read all about effective treatments.

    I heard a first-hand account last night that those hospitalized for other conditions (such as regular pneumonia) are being falsely labeled as covid cases (read $$) and then they are placed in ICU (more $$) so it can be said that ICU’s are full, and then the doomed covid protocols can and are being used to kill those poor people who end up in the clutches of these hospitals. The jab is poisonous, gene-altering and unnecessary. Early treatment at home is effective and available!! Check out what Dr. Peter McCullough has to say about this. You can hear his podcasts at

  4. Willful ignorance by many just willing to accept Government directives parrotted by the propagandized press.

    Follow the science!

    Ivermectin has a safe and effective track record for over 40 years.

    Those claiming that Ivermectin for human use is “horse dewormer paste” exhibit their foolishness.

  5. Is Mark Levine alleging the citizens of India are not human beings? India managed to treat and save countless lives using Ivermectin. The drug that won a Nobel Peace prize – not because it was unsafe for human consumption. Mark Levine must step down.

  6. Does anyone even know of a pharmacy in VT that has Ivermectin in stock and is willing to fill the prescription?

    • I am only aware of one, Vermont Family Pharmacy, that is willing to fill a prescription for Ivermectin. They currently have a back log of orders and have recently been unable to procure more from their supplier.

  7. Truth is what the CDC says it is! Money or the threat of losing your lucrative position pays for whatever truth you want to perpetrate. People must be eliminated in order for the planet to survive according to Bill Gates’ climate change formula. Vaccines are the best vehicle to get this done according to Bill Gates. Unless you are willing to accept that elite movers and shakers who head our government agencies are conspiring to accomplish this agenda, you will become victims of it. There were powerful people throughout history with similar agendas and people refused to accept what was called inconceivable conspiracy theories and millions of Jews and disabled humans were exterminated. Asbestos is not a virus but it can kill you if it enters your lungs. The manufactured vaccine spike protein might produce antibodies but this nano-spike protein particle does exactly the same type of damage that asbestos does but because it is injected into the bloodstream, it damages every organ in the body. The damage will not be specific because every person has their own biological vulnerabilities. You will see hospitals over run with every kind of ailment and disease because the spike protein vaccine just exasperates any condition you already have. Its the perfect extermination “weapon”. And by manipulating the press to petal fear of the unvaccinated variants people will stand inline to receive their booster shots. Very Sad. Get educated before your fear condones the round up of unvaccinated dissenters including children and America becomes ruled by a medical tyranny only before seen in our life time when Hitler demonized the Jewish people for all the ills of German society. When more people become sick from Anti-Dependent Enhancement syndrome during flu season, Levine will be told by the CDC data that it is because of the unvaccinated. He will do his job and follow the flawed science and will have plausible deniability just like the defense used during the Nuremburg trials. He was only following orders and the facts that were presented to him. It wasn’t a defense then and it won’t be a defense now. I urge Dr. Levine to sacrifice his comfortable salary based livelihood for the greater good of humanity and do his own due diligence. BTW the original Pfizer vaccine has not received full FDA approval and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed a law suite to that effect.

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