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Masks on at State House

By Guy Page

Everyone over two years of age entering the State House now must wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, the Joint Rules Committee decided Sept. 7.

The new policy, as published on the Vermont Legislature website, states:

  • The facial covering shall completely cover the individual’s nose and mouth. 
  • Individuals who do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave, and may be escorted from the location by the Sergeant at Arms or Capitol Police if noncompliance continues. 
  • Lawmakers who flout the policy may not be recognized by their committee chairs: “the Sergeant at Arms and/or Capitol Police is authorized to escort a member of a committee or a Chair may choose to not to recognize a member of the committee until that member is in compliance with the facial covering policy.”
  • The Sergeant at Arms may grant medical or religious exemptions, but for exemptees “proof of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours shall be required for entrance into legislative space. Those who cannot provide proof of a recent negative COVID test shall be permitted to participate in proceedings remotely, except when otherwise prohibited by Rule.”
  • Facial coverings may only be removed while eating in the cafeteria, eating in a private office, or when an individual is alone or with other members of their department in a non-public area of the State House and all present in the room agree that they are comfortable with others removing their facial coverings. 
  • In all instances when facial coverings are not being worn, effort should be made to ensure appropriate distance is maintained between individuals, and to replace facial coverings as soon as practicable. 

Vermonters unwilling to wear masks in the People’s House will be able to participate via Zoom. The policy is in effect until further notice.  A legislative study committee this summer decided to not require proof of vaccination for entry into the State House.

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  1. We pay for the staff, we pay for the building, the lights, and the heat. We elect the people who sit in the seats who supposably represent us. The only thing the petty trytants are capable of is to come up with more nonsense to hide the Truth. They are more desparate than in March 2020 to hide the facts and cover up their corruption.

    • I think that they (our citizen law makers) have gotten used to Zooming and its ability to mute, talk on the phone, feed the dog, have technical issues that affect their camera etc. than being cramed into an itty, bitty committee room where every moan, grimace, laugh, expletive, or gesture can be monitored by constituents. They can flip of anybody they want, anytime they want, as long as it’s not on the camera. Hell, they can even backstab each other, and who will know ?

      • …and don’t forget being able to participate from their vacation spot out of state Patrick.

  2. What a joke these cloth masks are. Even the CDC was honest about them at first now all the are is social identification and virtue signaling. I watched pantywaste pete welch march with his mask on in a parade one week then sit with several dozen people at the 9/11 observance with NO mask since it fit the gathering. So tell me about these control masks!!

  3. Guess we should all become binge eaters since COVID is not contagious while you are eating so you can take off your COVID costume then!!!

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