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No fetal tissue experiments at UVMMC, spox says

by Guy Page

Last Thursday Vermont Right to Life Executive Director Mary Beerworth asked the trustees of the University of Vermont Medical Center to disclose whether it conducts research on aborted fetuses or fetal tissue. Yesterday, a spokesman for the state’s largest hospital and employer denied any such research.

Beerworth submitted the following question to the trustees:

“Dr. Ira Bernstein, MD, testified on behalf of the University of Vermont Health Network before the Vermont Senate Health and Welfare Committee in 2019. His testimony was recorded for the legislative record endorsing Proposal 5, the proposed Article 22 to the Vermont Constitution.

“The language of the proposed amendment guarantees a right to an abortion throughout pregnancy and essentially provides that an unborn child can have no rights and no protections at any stage of development. The door will be open to unlimited fetal experimentation and the sale of fetal tissue and organs. Are either of those currently happening at UVM Medical Center?

“Further, should the Vermont Constitution be altered with the language endorsed by your institution, will the UVM MC Board of Directors advocate for policies regarding the unlimited potential for human rights abuses against unborn human beings?”

Seeking a response to Beerworth’s question, yesterday Vermont Daily emailed the following to Neal Goswami, UVMMC spokesperson: “Last week Mary Beerworth asked the trustees if UVMMC is receiving by donation or sale, and doing research on, fetuses or parts of fetuses. In April, the Biden administration lifted the fetal tissue research ban imposed by the Trump administration. Is UVMMC – a large teaching hospital which performs elective abortions – engaging in research on fetal tissue?”

“I did some checking and we are not doing any research at UVM Medical Center,” Goswami responded.

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  1. Great to hear? So….they ONLY kill babies at UVM, but they don’t use their savaged, broken baby bodies for “research”. I’m SO comforted by that, Doctor.

  2. Freedom of information Act might tell a different story. Maybe someone already has! Keep in mind 295 sealed indictments for the state of VT – multiple names possibly in each – officials at many levels from select industries. Crimes against humanity sound familiar? Lawless actions…

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