No decision yet on Covid-19 vax mandate for all Vermont schoolchildren

Health Dept., Guv waiting on advice from little-known board

By Guy Page

The Vermont Immunization Advisory Council, a little-known state advisory board, will take center stage in the State of Vermont’s decision whether to require the Covid-19 vaccine for school children, state officials say. 

Wednesday, October 19 the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Vaccination Practices (ACIP) voted to add the Covid-19 vaccination to the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program for all children ages six months through 18 years old. The decision advises pediatricians to include the Covid-19 vax in their standard regime of childhood vaccinations. 

Parents, of course, have the final say. But will the State of Vermont require Covid-19 vaccination for school attendance, as it does many other vaccines?

The CDC leaves that decision up to the states. Last night, Vermont Daily Chronicle emailed the Vermont Dept. of Health, the Vermont Agency of Education, and Gov. Phil Scott’s administration with the same question: will Covid-19 vaccination be required for Vermont schoolchildren?

In a nutshell, the answer was ‘we don’t know yet. We’ll see what the Vermont Immunization Advisory Council (VIAC) has to say – and then we’ll decide whether to follow its advice.’

“No, the actions by ACIP do not change Vermont’s vaccine schedule for school attendance,” Vermont Health Dept. spokesperson Katie Warchut told VDC today. “Under Vermont law, the vaccine schedule for school attendance is adopted by regulation. The Department of Health convenes an advisory committee that takes into account ACIP’s recommendations but is not bound by them.”

Warchut helpfully cited the state law governing the Vermont Immunization Advisory Council. 

Warchut said she is not aware of any plans for the VIAC to meet. 

VDC received a similar answer from Jason Maulucci, Gov. Phil Scott’s press secretary: “Vaccination requirements begin with  the Vermont Immunization Advisory Council, and they have not made us determinations to date.”

What is the VIAC? 

Created in 2015 to provide “education policy, medical, and epidemiological expertise and advice to the Department with regard to the safety of immunizations and immunization schedules,” the VIAC rarely meets. It last met in February, in a brief, tentative, gathering via Zoom. Although billed by a UVM Medical Center announcement as a discussion of Covid-19 vaccination for students, no discussion of any kind took place. As VDC reported February 8:

The Vermont Immunization Advisory Council met today for “the pending advice the council might give on Covid-19 vaccination,” newly elected chair Dan French, Secretary of the Agency of Education, said. An announcement of the meeting on the University of Vermont Medical School website said, “The question of requiring Covid-19 vaccination of preschool and schoolage children is expected to be discussed.”

However, when French opened the meeting for discussion, there were no comments. French promised to set an agenda for the next meeting – date to be determined.

The previous meeting occurred in June 2020. A wide-ranging discussion included the religious exemption rate for kindergarteners’ vaccination (down from 4.4% to 3.5%), and setting up Covid-19 clinics in schools when the much-anticipated vaccine became available.

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  1. It is mind boggling to me that the US CDC does not seem to bother looking at the data recently coming out from Israel and other European countries. Many of those countries are stopping the jabs for children, given the increasing huge numbers of heart issues in children. No, our agencies have been bought off by Big Pharma, who wants NO liability for the jab injured. If they put these toxic jabs on the children’s list, the drug companies are free from liability FOREVER! This is insane! Parents better get out and protest this in a big way.

  2. How can we find out who is on this board?

    We need to stand in the gap for the future generations
    Pray without ceasing –

  3. In a related story, Pfizer announced today that it will raise prices for the US Covid 19 vaccination by 400% (when the US federal government purchase program ends)

  4. The decision will be made after the election so that no one will have to stick his neck out at such a delicate time.

  5. There are none so blind as those who will not see, and I’ve been sending ALL the recent Adverse Events studies to Vt. DOH’s Ben Truman as I find them, whether they make it to the “VAIC” is anyone’s guess. Have they NOT seen the report last week by Fla. Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo showing a 84% increase in heart problem so severe they are pausing them for now? Have they NOT seen England’s cardiac specialist Dr. Aseem Malhotra’s calling for an IMMEDIATE PAUSE in vaccinations for the YOUNG w/his data showing a 1 in 7,000 (1 in 800 w/Pfizer’s data) incidence of heart problems in the UK, 1 in 5,000 in Germany, and Israeli data showing a 25% increase among those aged 16 to 39 having heart attacks/cardiac arrests? Dr. Malhotra was scheduled to speak w/members of Parliament yesterday. WHY, with ALL this data presenting lately, does Vt. DOH STILL run ads/PSA’s PUSHING “boosters” & vaccinations? Are they BLIND? Does NONE of this info/data make it over the “Wall Of Censorship” from across the Atlantic?
    IF Vt.’s VAIC mandates this insanity they not only endanger the health of EVERY child in state but also open up themselves (& us taxpayers) for extreme liability KNOWING but IGNORING all the recent data proving HARM to young hearts & reproductive systems (see blind faith in an unneeded & dangerous barely tested gene altering concoction is mind-bending, stop it NOW.

  6. Public school enrollment is already down post remote learning. I will pull my kids out of school if this goes through as will many of my associates. This is wrong. This has never been about public health.

      • Re: That (Vaccine) Poison.

        Never mind the ‘brain poisoning’ children receive in the public-school monopoly. If teachers and school administrators are okay with working in an institution so morally corrupt as to physically poison our children, think of the moral and ethical degradation they can assign.

        And it’s everywhere. We’ve begun previewing the various children’s cartoon programs on Netflix and Prime for the subtle indoctrination that characterizes individualism and personal responsibility as being racist and inhumane.

  7. The actual data and a public debate with those on both sides of the Covid-19 vaccination fence should occur. There are many who have offered to debate the public officials on both the safety and efficacy of this particular injection. There is much incriminating data. Those who are afraid of data and science have continued to refuse to debate the issue. If this is so safe and effective, what then is to be feared? Science always engages in debate and in the clear presentation of unaltered data. Dogma fears it. Let’s have some serious debate. Perhaps the state health agencies would like to engage in such a debate in public and have it recorded too.

  8. Make time to get and share a vaccine education.

    Children’s Health Defense is making available 2 weeks of a free movie release based on Robert F Kennedy’s – The Real Story of Dr. Fauci.

    For a tamer presentation, Dr. Breggin did a yeoman’s job of following the trails that led to the Covid PLANDEMIC. For more go to

    “Nothing we’ve experienced with covid has been unplanned. In 2010 Bill Gates announced the decade of vaccine, 2010-2020. He did it; by 2020 he had created the virus in 2020 along with other key planners. Anthony Fauci was his henchman along with the defense industry and the pharmaceuticals of many nations through support of the UN and Klaus Schwab promoter of global fascism. Their plandemic would come. By 2012 the UN was heavily involved. In 2015 Fauci funded and built the Chapel Hill, NC, lab to create the sars-co virus.”

    Dr. Breggin is acclaimed as having been an expert court witness in pharmaceutical legal matters in over 100 cases. His book is titled – We are the Prey.

    One quick peek at VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) should be all anyone needs to see that more vaccines are not healthy. The next round being proposed hasn’t undergone any testing. Who are truly the government/pharmaceutical trusting guinea pigs ready to roll up their sleeves for the next jabs? Please don’t let it be the children.

  9. Stunning with all the information available now that the state would even consider this step……..I fear for the children and future generations and my fear is real and NOW

  10. Don’t worry the decision to force parents to vaccinate their kids won’t happen until after the election. After all they don’t want to lose any votes over the issue.

    • Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall laughing so hard…all Fauci’s men and all Schwaubs horses couldn’t put the CDC back together again!