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Nine-year-old girl suffers cardiac event at Jay Peak resort

A 9-year-old girl who suffered a cardiac event at Jay Peak Resort last month is recovering thanks to the quick response of park staff, a statement released by the resort said.

On Christmas Eve, the child, who was with her father and mother at the Pumphouse Indoor Waterpark, was found unconscious and unresponsive by several Jay Peak staff members.

They immediately began performing chest compressions, provided oxygen and support as well as crowd control, and ended up resuscitating the young girl and bringing her back.

She was transported to North Country Hospital, then to the pediatric unit at UVM Hospital in Burlington.

It is believed she suffered a cardiac event prior to becoming unconscious, and that it was not a water-related accident.

In a message of appreciation sent out to staff, Jay Peak President and General Manager Steve Wright said the girl was home now with her parents recovering.

Wright says the response was the result of the consistent and thorough training done at Jay Peak.

Park staff members involved in the response include Juan Ignacio Garcia, Miles Mason, Chelsea-Mitchel-Eby, Brieanna Niles, Sam Cota, Jill Czelusta, Felipe Hormazabal, Andres Nazer Blaset, Hazel Paxman, and Tyler Paxman.

Safety and Risk Director Tom Howell says that at any given time, there could be more than 5,000 people at the resort counting on them.

Howell says many employees are also EMTs.

“On behalf of the entire resort, and unofficially on behalf of the parents of this young girl, I offer my sincere appreciation and admiration for the Christmas Eve work of all of those involved with this save,” Wright said. “Because of your heroism, a family gets to focus on making more memories together and gets to start the new year as grateful as any family could be.”

Republished from January 19 Newport Dispatch.

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  1. Thankful for the staff at Jay Peak and bringing her back. Prayers for her full recovery.

    Considering the ever-increasing reports of cardiac events being causally connected to the use of mRNA vaccines, is it wrong to question if this young girl received such? If we don’t, how will we ever know for sure one way or the other?

  2. Note how the media is now trying to normalize cardiac events in children….and even more frighteningly how they refuse to connect it to the poke.

    Sad times.

  3. I don’t ever remember hearing of a child suffering from a heart related anything before 2021 unless it was a congenital heart defect (rare until 2021) and even then they usually operate and fix it very early on.

    Now we have healthy kids dropping at ski areas. Lord Help Us.

  4. when are we going to stand up ? these vaccines are a genocide … I just learned the ICD 10 codes now for the “Unvaccinated” as if it is a disease … Are you kidding me. The WEF & WHO were not elected officials … they do not dictate our healthcare & CDC & FDA have been bought out by them … bribed in the billions. #StopTheSHOTS

  5. Prayers for the child. Prayers for faucci, klas schwab and bill gates. Not cause i want to but because we’re told to. They’ll need em.

    • yes … and main stream media censors all of the concerns being exposed; e.g., cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough – they don’t just censor him, but they slander & degrade, demote, terminate any physician stepping forward to warn the Public.
      The MD’s who stepped forward (e.g., were fired from their jobs, and threatened to loose their license to practice Medicine.
      We’ve also learned the BBC formed Summer 2019 the ‘Trusted News Initiative” (members; AP, Reuters, BBC, NYTimes, WP, etc) that agreed to extinguish any news that strays from the “narrative” put out by Fauci, the CDC / NIAID / FDA …
      We are being lied to. This is a Military Psy-op to get everyone mass vaccinated ~ when an EUA was never needed. We had safe & effective medications .. We were lied to. And, now Life Insurance Companies all over the globe are reporting an increase death rate (in USA 40% increase) NOT from Covid; but blood clots, cancer, autoimmune disease; the mRNA injections are a bioweapon … Go to to learn more

  6. Healthy, physically fit athletes collapsing. Children suffering cardiac arrests and strokes. Cancer cases spiking to record numbers. Airline pilots? Military personnel? If anyone saw the celebration of life service for Diamond Hardaway, her sister Silk said the quiet part outloud “Instead of asking if Americans are vaxxed or unvaxxed, the real question to ask is: Are Americans being poisoned?”

  7. Every child that got one or more Covid vaccines should be monitored immediately. Follow the science. And charge it to the hospitals and pharmacies and politicians that pushed the shot.

  8. Safe and Effective? That’s what our state leaders told us and they’re still pushing the jab. It’s infuriating that these people are like a broken record. Parents who allowed their children to be lab rats will now suffer as their children are harmed or die from these shots. It’s even more infuriating that nothing is being done to stop the carnage and injuries. There isn’t one backbone in state government to stop the harming of people and children. So the statistics will continue to rise and those responsible apparently feel no shame or remorse. It’s really quite disgusting and the sheep voted them all back into office.

  9. I learned the CDC gave each State in the U.S. millions to follow the faux-vax-mandates … if they don’t abide, the $$$ gets pulled … Everyone at every level in Govt has been bought & sold … the taxpayers and now innocent children pay the price for this charade of ‘healthcare’ … Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Tedros of WHO have all been heard discussing the planet has 7 billion too many people. This is NOT about a virus (SARS-CoV-2 has a PATENT#; proof it was manmade) … it’s about trans-humanism, and world control by the elites.

  10. Many Prayers for that Child , and All the other ones who may have Similar issues this coming year .
    Darn , we did our best to Warn people . .
    Even if she was not Jabbed , just being to closely involved with Parents and Grand parents who took the Poison would have been Enough .
    May God have mercy on the Evil people involved in this Debacle .
    Pfizer admitted to Gain of function experiments to sell Cures , that did not cure nor protect .

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