Windham, NH vote tabulator company also serves Vermont

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Folded ballot problem can’t happen here, Vermont election official says

by Guy Page

LHS, the vote tabulator provider now under scrutiny for apparent irregularities in Windham, New Hampshire, also provides tabulators for Vermont elections.

According to New Hampshire Public Radio, folds in Windham, NH ballots may have been read by LHS voting machines as actual votes, thus accounting for significant discrepancies between the machine vote and the actual vote. “Something we strongly suspect at this juncture, based on various evidence, is that in some cases, fold lines are being interpreted by the scanner as valid votes,” Windham Auditor Mike Lindeman told NHPR.

Whatever the cause, retallying the votes showed marked tabulating discrepancies among Windham’s Diebold A2000 voting machines. In particular, the machine retabulations show that all of the Republican candidates for state representative were shorted on Election Night by about 300 votes, and one Democrat gained about 100 votes.

Windham NH has been conducting a hand count of the Nov. 3 general election tally registered by LHS voting machines. By Monday afternoon, about 1700 of 10,000 ballots had been counted, NHPR said.

Vermont uses LHS machines as well, according to a statement last year by the Vermont Secretary of State office. On Nov. 16, Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters told Vermont Daily, “Our machines are provided to us through our trusted long-time elections partner LHS.”

“What happened in Windham, NH could not happen in Vermont,” Winters told Vermont Daily today.

“Vermont has two very important distinctions in our processes and law which ensure that similar errors to those you describe do not occur in the counting of votes in Vermont using the Accuvote tabulators.

“First, in Vermont, all ballots for statewide elections are produced by the Secretary of State’s Office, which works closely with two experienced ballot printers to produce the ballots. We are aware of the possibility of the tabulators reading a fold line that goes through an oval as a vote for that candidate. As such, we proof and test the ballots before they are printed as a whole, ensuring that no folds lines go through any ovals creating the risk of a misread. In this way, we ensure ahead of time that this type of misread will not occur.

“Second, in Vermont, by law, our tabulators are set to reject a ballot containing an “overvote” (voting for more candidates than allowed in a particular race), and the election officials must provide the voter the opportunity to correct the overvote and re-cast the ballot. Upon examination, it would quickly be determined that the tabulator was reading a fold line as a vote, and the issue would be addressed before additional ballots were cast. NH does not use this overvote rejection feature.

“We have conducted post-election audits on the General Election results in at least five towns, for every General Election since 2008, including for the 2020 General Election. The results of these audits have never shown a significant discrepancy from the official results declared in any election. In addition, the many recounts across the state following almost every statewide primary and general election have consistently confirmed the accuracy of the tabulator counts on election night. These tabulators have a history of verifiable accuracy over more than a decade.

Vermont electoral irregularities due to ballot folding, if any, were likely magnified by the universal mailing process employed for the first time during the 2020 general election. In previous elections, ballots were only mailed upon voter request. Earlier this month the Legislature passed S15, which establishes universal mailed ballots for all primaries and general elections.

Vermont Daily was able to bounce a question off of Gov. Phil Scott, at today’s press conference:

“Governor, New Hampshire Public Radio says the Diebold vote tabulator machines in Windham NH operated by LHS appear to have misread folds in mailed ballots as actual votes, somehow taking about 300 Election Day votes from each of the four Republican state representative candidates and adding 100 for one of the Democrats. Given that Vermont too uses LHS and Diebold machines, and last year used universal mailed ballots for the first time, should our Secretary of State investigate whether Vermont had similar problems? And if it chooses not to, would you investigate through other avenues?”

“I had not heard that piece of news through NH..…we want to make sure the elections are secure,” Scott said. “I believe an audit was done. It came out 100%. Probably something you should ask him [Secretary of State] at this point,” Scott said.

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  1. There may be problems with mail in ballots ? Whoda thunk it ?

  2. Oh, there’s much more “irregularities” besides folds. There’s lots of fraud that happened. There’s so much more to discover. Hang on to your hats.

  3. I KNEW it!!! SO many flags & related visible support for Trump ALL last year even in VT, & yet we are to believe he got even slightly LESS than in ’16?? NAH. We are being DUPED!!!

  4. Oh what a beautiful day!! Thank you Guy – it’s getting closer! Oh back paddling now. AND LHS is the company Sec of States Office contracted to handle our vote by mail ballots – NEVER mentioned by SOS – referred to as the “mail center” as I recall. LHS handles ballots, program cards for machines, and since the cover of a virus vote by mail ballots. There was no audit the way it should be – that was cover as well. Why wasn’t Barre City in that mix since Brian Judd had concerns over rejected ballots. which I personally heard from a few people who saw it happen with their ballots? Specific towns picked, certainly not independent to the extent being done in NH – just who is involved here, top to bottom? Now do the research on how even scanners said not to be internet accessible turned out to be! Me thinks mass confusion is the game! Fun is!


  5. Thank God for Windham NH. Since there were Voting Irregularities in Windham NH and the State of Vermont uses the same Company for their Voting Machines that Windham NH does, there might be a chance that there were Voting Irregularities in My Election that took place on March 2, 2021. I ran for the Ward 2 Seat for the Barre City Council and lost by 38 votes, or did I ? On Machine #1 I lost by a margin of 177-109. On Machine #2 I won by a margin of 100-70. I wonder if Machine #2 was the machine that counted the Mail In Ballots ? Now You Know Why I Contested The Conduct of the Election. On March 4th I asked the City Clerk if I could pay for a Hand Recount of the Ballots, I was denied. In the City Clerk’s answer to my complaint dated April 9th it’s stated that there is no provision in 17 VSA Section 2683 that allows a losing candidate to pay for a hand recount of the paper ballots. That is true. What’s also true is that there is no provision in the statute that says a losing candidate Cannot be allowed to pay for a hand recount of the paper ballots. There was no law or rule to be broken. This was Barre City’s choice. They chose to Not allow me to pay for a hand recount of the paper ballots. Citizens of Barre, you really have to ask yourselves why ? On March 17th I filed a Complaint Contesting the Conduct of the Election. On March 26th Barre City was served this Complaint. On April 9th Barre City answered my Complaint and asked the Court to dismiss the case. On April 20th I filed a document asking the Court to deny Barre City’s request to dismiss the case. On May 12th the Court Denied Barre City’s request to dismiss the case and set a Hearing dated for May 27th via zoom at 3:15 pm. On May 20th Barre City filed for a continuance to get the hearing postponed. Citizens of Barre City, you really have to ask yourselves why ? On May 24th the Court granted Barre City a continuance with a court date some time in the next 2-3 weeks. Also on May 24th I filed a motion with the court to keep Barre City from throwing out the paper ballots. There’s only One way to Truly know if a voting machines count of paper ballots is accurate or not. You Have To Hand Count The Paper Ballots and then compare that count with the machine count. The citizens of Windham NH found that out and the citizens of Barre City Deserve to find that out. We have to have Integrity and Transparency in our elections. Thank you all for your continued support. God Bless You. God Bless The City Of Barre, God Bless The State Of Vermont and God Bless The United States Of America !

    Brian Judd
    Ward 2