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Newly-created job will prepare budgets for Legislature’s staff offices

By Guy Page

The Legislature plans to hire someone whose main responsibility will be developing the budgets for the Legislature’s staff offices.

The Joint Fiscal Office of the Vermont Legislature is advertising for someone to fill the newly-created position of Legislative Finance Director. This new hire will be responsible for “developing the budgets for the legislative staff offices in collaboration with legislative and staff leadership,” an ad posted on the Legislature’s website says.
Legislative staff offices include: 

  • Speaker of the House
  • Clerk of the House
  • President of the Senate (Lt. Governor)
  • President Pro Tempore
  • Secretary of the Senate
  • Legislative Counsel
  • Legislative Operations
  • Legislative Information Technology
  • Joint Fiscal Office
  • Sergeant at Arms
  • Capitol Police Department
  • Office of Human Resources

The job pays a minimum starting salary of $77,675, with adjustments based on qualifications and experience. The comprehensive State benefits package includes health insurance and retirement plans, the ad says.

Here’s a more complete job description: “This position provides generalfinancial management and oversight for the legislative branch. Financial management of the legislative branch includes developing the budgets for the legislative staff offices in collaboration with legislative and staff leadership, as well as coordinating financial operations across the branch. Additionally, this position works with other fiscal staff assisting legislators on a variety of fiscal and policy issues.”

Requirements include a master’s degree and four years of professional experience. 

At present, Legislative Counsel staff includes a “Legislative Finance Administrator/Senior Fiscal Analyst – Capital Bill and Legislative Budgets.”

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  1. How about a budget of $0 dollars. There I just saved the taxpayers $144k, plus the budget of the statehouse.

    Bring your own pencils to the statehouse. The less they are involved the better!!!

  2. Bigger Government bigger taxes, for what? So they can screw the lower wage earners more!

  3. Where in the world does anyone in the Vermont State Government think taxpayers have money to pay for more bureaucracy,an over bloated budget,and now a massive flood damage!The flood damage comes first! Representative Charles Wilson

  4. Moe bureaucrats, Moe bureaucrats, Moe bureaucrats ! What has changed ? Have the bean counters at Joint Fiscal tapped out ?

  5. Many of these legislators want more money and now want less work? Unbelievable. How long, just how long are Vermonters going to put up with this rubbish?

  6. more bureaucrats and except wasting more money, what will be gained. NOTHING/

  7. Democrats don’t know what unsustainable means and they cannot do math. They just make up their own math that works for them and we all have to pay exorbitant taxes to pay for their stupidity and bad policy. Regarding our local horrible Burlington leadership, I just got my property tax bill – it went up another 14% after going up 30% last year. I am so sick and tired of the people who vote for these idiots.

  8. So, the Joint Fiscal Office and the Legislative Council have duel financial bean counters for Legislative budgets and oversight? Vermont government duplicating efforts is how they operate and the state of the State is proof positive.