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New Vermonter says: “So happy to find a news source reporting on the truth”

by Guy Page, Publisher

As often reported, the first year of the Pandemic saw a big influx of migration to Vermont. One such new Vermonter sent an encouraging note (with check enclosed!) that I would like to share with all of our readers.

“Dear Guy Page and the Chroniclers:

I am so happy to find a news source reporting on the truth in VT. I am new to the state since last summer. Looking forward to see how our situation evolves through your lens.”

“Chroniclers!” Love it! Every writer, cartoonist, editor, solicitor of new subscribers, and voluntary subscriber I hereby dub a Chronicler!

A few mornings ago, I received this note in the mail from a St. Albans couple:

“Dear Guy – We really love the daily Chronicle. Really enjoyable and informative reporting. Keep up the good work.”

Enclosed was a generous check which will help us reach more people with more news in 2022. But I gotta say – words like those that keep me at the keyboard and on the phone, assigning, writing and editing the news every day. Like the note from a Northeast Kingdom woman that I shared last week:

I did not know about the Vermont Daily Chronicle until the day that you hosted the Bill Sayre show on WDEV this fall. It was such a relief to have/hear a discussion on issues that the mainstream media censors from debate.

“I began reading the Chronicle shortly after that and appreciate what you are doing. Thank you for allowing comments from the public. I no longer feel so alone about the issues that threaten our freedoms.

“Keep up the work and may your truthful reporting spread to more readers, and those in our government.”

If you agree with these sentiments, you can help in three ways: 

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Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that, together, we can make 2022 the best year yet.

Free Speech Forever,  

Guy Page

Editor, Publisher & Chronicler-In-Chief

Vermont Daily Chronicle 

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