New House bills: cops lose pensions for excessive force; raise income tax; limit cash bail; gun background checks; Legislature picks National Guard leader candidates – etc.

The following bills were introduced into the Vermont House last Thursday and Friday:

H.2992/19/2021requiring public notice of water testing and quality in restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, and other locations. Lead sponsor: Cina (P-Burlington.) 
H.2982/19/2021Police convicted of excessive force must forfeit pension. White (D-Hartford). 
H.2972/19/2021a surcharge on income tax for earners of $500,000 or more. Howard (D-Rutland). 
H.2962/19/2021Prohibit cash bail for crimes eligible for expungement, require racial data on detainees. Bos-Lun, Westminster.  
H.2952/19/2021Creates Legislature-controlled nominating board for candidates for National Guard Adjutant and Inspector General. Troiano (D-Stannard). 
H.2942/19/2021prohibiting added fees in dental insurance contracts with dentists. Dickinson (R-St. Albans). 
H.2932/19/2021creating the State Youth Council and advisory board to advise Legislature and governor on youth issues. Includes climate subcommittee, equity and anti-racism committee. Lanpher (D-Vergennes).
H.2922/19/2021a regenerative economy plan to “create a roadmap through a just transition from an extractive economy to a new economy that repairs and restores the Earth” via recycling, renewable energy, and wastewater treatment. Cina, Burlington. 
H.2912/18/2021Sales threshold of $75K in sales per year to be considered dealers in new or used cars or motor trucks. McCormack (D-Burlington). 
H.2902/18/2021require sk area operators to adopt a safety plan and annually report data concerning skiing accidents.
H.2892/18/2021professions and occupations regulated by the Office of Professional Regulation
H.2882/18/2021background checks for firearms sales


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  1. Governor Scott,

    As a young Vermonter who grew up in this state, whose parents both grew up in this state and whose extended family lives in this state, I respect you as another Vermonter who has had the courage and fortitude to rise up and become the highest elected leader in our state. Your life story is one of hard work and success.

    I think that for you as the governor, it is important for you and the other elected officials to realize what it is like for the young people of Vermont to be growing up, looking to attend college and start a career. I remember distinctly when you first ran to be governor that you said you would make Vermont more affordable and a great place to live.

    I am in my early 20s and I am in college and looking to start my career soon. I’ve left Vermont. I’m not attending college here, I’m not going to return to work here and I’m certainly not going to raise a family here. Vermont is a beautiful state, don’t get me wrong, but living here is atrocious. Vermont is an expensive place to live, there are no high paying jobs, our demographics are horrible and the taxes only ever get higher.

    This year, instead of focusing on gaining a population back (did you know that between 2009 and 2019 Vermont lost 30,000 students?) our genius legislature focused time, money and resources into the “Global Warming Solutions Act”. Instead of trying to create more job opportunities and a healthier tax climate, the legislature passes reform on Act 250; instead of trying to find a way to NOT have a 70-80 million dollar budget deficit next year, the legislature increases property taxes.

    The point here is to show what our elected officials are spending their time on. They are not being innovative, they are not being bold and they certainly are not trying to make Vermont a better place. When I and my friends are in our 80s, what will Vermont look like then? A dead state with no one living here? It’s embarrassing that my state has to pay people to move here, rather than being such a wonderful place to live, people flock here on their own. It’s sad but true; Vermont is losing its youth and our state officials desperately enact more laws and legislation, and yet they fail to act on the actual problem. Get it together.


  2. All the bills listed above are not helping Vermont recover from the tyranny from our Governor and most of our legislators have brought upon we the people of Vermont; they have shown no concern for we the people of Vermont,just more taxes,fewer farms,fewer businesses,and political correctness from a new normal that frankly stinks!!

  3. House bills,It seems the house in Vermont has no interest in helping Vermonters; Leave our police alone,they have a hard enough time doing their job! In Vermont no one has any money to pay more taxes;Why do we need to limit bail?So crime is more affordable? We already have background checks,that is more than enough for Vermont!!

  4. I have an idea. Why don’t the legislators work on putting together their own ethics regulations before they keep instituting laws that everybody else is suppose to fall under.

  5. Clearly this legislature is nothing more than a collection of petulant, pugnacious children. a large percentage of this proposed legislation isn’t worth the paper used in writing it down:
    H.299 Has verbiage requiring :
    “(d) At least every other day, the Department of Health shall conduct or arrange for monitoring for the presence of cyanobacteria in every State or municipal recreation area where the public can come into contact with waters of the State.”
    Apparently the Vermont Department of Health can transfer the Contact tracers to this task, should the contact tracers need something to do.
    H.299 gets better!-
    “proposes to require the seller of real property to disclose to the buyer prior to the conveyance whether a water within a five mile radius of the property tested positive for cyanobacteria in the five years prior to the conveyance”.

    But wait! There’s more! Rep. Brian Cina of Burlington has a plan for 11 “People’s Assembly’s” to create a “regenerative economy”
    H.292 appears to be an attempt to outdo AOC and the Green New Deal by establishing a “Regenerative Economy Council” in addition to the “People’s Assembly”. Personally, I think the “Peoples Assembly” is a better deal, because ” Amenities such as food and childcare shall be offered, and scheduling shall include options for participation by those with different work schedules.” Cina has a whole lot of “shall” sentences in this 15 page manifesto, I’m concerned he didn’t add the section on property seizures- you know, because the “People’s Assembly” said so.

    If all these committees come to pass, bring the popcorn because it’ll be great entertainment watching the “Committees” fight for
    Top Dog status….but only if you live outside of Vermont. For those that remain, it Shall be painful.