How is Bernie-buddy Omar still in Congress?

Rep. Ilhan Omar (right) speaks at a Bernie Sanders rally (photo credit Ilhan Omar for Congress)

By Peter R. Fernandez

Peter Fernandez

For years Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has given hate speeches and tweeted anti-American, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel statements, but only Georgia Republican, Marjorie Green, has been displaced from Congress for one similar comment.

Omar, of course, has a strong Vermont connection. She is endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders on his campaign page: “lhan Omar and I have worked on a number of important issues in Congress, including canceling student debt, providing school meals year-round to students, and protecting workers’ rights. She is a courageous leader who is leading our movement in the House.” Similarly, she has endorsed Bernie for president during his visits to her home state of Minnesota.

Bernie’s political buddy has a lengthy record of ‘hate speech.’

In a 2017 Twitter post, Omar responded to another writer: “In his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day. #NotToday Satan.”

The “Black Hawk Down” episode took place in Mogadishu, Somalia, Oc-tober 3-4, 1993. But, according to The International Committee of the Red Cross, not more than 200 civilians were killed. 700 Somali militia were killed while 19 US soldiers lost their lives in their attempt to rescue two downed helicopter pilots.

In 2016, then Minnesota State Representative, Omar  asked the court judge for leniency in trying 9 American men for  their treasonous efforts in seeking to join ISIS. “Incarcerating 20-year-old men for 30 to 40 years is essentially a life sentence,” Omar wrote in the letter ob-tained by FOX 9 of Minneapolis-St.Paul. “Society will have no expectations of the to-be 50-60-year-old released prisoners; it will view them with distrust and revulsion.” 

“I was not going there to pass out medical kits or food,” said one of the defendants,  Abdirahman Yasin Daud. “I was going strictly to fight and kill on behalf of the Islamic State,” he told Lukas Mikelionis of Fox News on February 12, 2019. For conspiring to commit murder abroad and providing material support to ISIS, Daud, then, 21, was sentenced to 30 years. Mo-hammed Farah, 21, and Guled Omar, 20, were also sentenced to similar terms.

Seven years before Omar became one of the first two Moslem woman elected  to the US Congress in 2019, she tweeted, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them to see the evil doings of Israel.”  For an elected official to state that Israel leads a powerful international cabal of politicians, bankers and media magnates in an effort to manipulate the world is centuries-old anti-semitic propaganda.

“When I see Israel institute a law that it is a Jewish state and does not recognize the other religions that are living in it, and we uphold it as a democracy in the Middle East, I almost chuckle,” she said in 2012 on the Yahoo News show, “Through Her Eyes.” In Israel observant and unobservant Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, etcetera, have complete freedom of religious choice.

But, this is not the case in Saudi Arabia, where official churches are not permitted. In both Saudi Arabia and Iran, if a woman leaves home without a hijab to cover the face, she can be arrested, imprisoned and tortured. Iranians who leave Islam for the Christian faith are considered apostates, and under Islamic law, may be punished by death.

60 civilians were killed in a 2013  terrorist attack at a Kenyan shopping mall by Al Shabab (The Youth), an Islamic terrorist group based in Omar’s home country of Somalia. After this assault, Omar said on a PBS Twin Cities TV broadcast that “our (US) involvement in other people’s affairs have con-tributed to the rise of radicalization and the rise of terror acts.”

On January 18, 2018, the interaction of Native American activist Nathan Phillips and Covington High School student, Nicholas Sandmann  evolved  into a media-fabricated  incident. “The boys were protesting a woman’s right to choose and yelled ‘it’s not rape if you enjoy it’”… tweeted Omar. “They were taunting 5 black men before they surrounded Phillips and led racist chants.  Sandmann’s family hired a right wing PR firm to write his non-apology.”       

Back in the real world the ‘5 black men” that Omar said were verbally abused were affiliated with the militant Black Hebrew Israelite organization. Witnesses stated that they shouted anti-LGBTQ and anti-white insults at the students.

These Omar quotes, largely ignored by the liberal media, resurfaced this month when Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX) called for her removal from congressional committees. Babin’s actions are the result of House Democrats acting to remove Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for allegedly spreading one anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. “If the Democrat majority wants to go down this road,” stated Bain in a February interview, “They should start by dealing with their own members who have been at this before and after their election to Congress. There is no worse offender than Ilhan Omar.”

The author is a Northfield resident and children’s book author. 


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  1. Just to pint to the fact that that criticizing Israeli policy isn’t “antisemitism”. That is a semantical tactic used to stifle criticism of Israel. Just as any criticism the excessive demands by extremists in the transgender movement is labeled “hate”.
    Simply tactics to stifle critical analysis.

    • As Islamophobia is used by Islamo-terrorists, Islamists and Arabists defending Palestine, your point is taken about transgender activists weaponizing hate. Somebody once said, “Not all liars are antisemites, but all antisemites are liars.”

  2. Of course. So, she isn’t an antisemite. The point is that she is a hateful liar.

  3. How is Bernie-buddy Omar still in Congress? Simple, She is still in Congress because she keeps getting elected by the same kind of people that keep electing Beanie to be our voice in Washington. It’s sad, but there are a lot of people like Omar, and Beanie that think that the United States of America, you know the country that all those hundreds of thousands of undocumented people try to enter illegally every year, is a terrible place, and needs to be drastically altered or overthrown. I have a neat swap idea I’ve been kicking around, maybe one of those that want to come here for one of those that don’t think it’s such a great place to be ? That way the people that want o be here can, and those that don’t like it get to leave ! Everybody’s happy !

      • You might have a point there Guy. Some of those people just would not be happy anywhere. People like that remind me of a saying that an old boss of mine at Bombardier used to throw out in situations like this. He’d say Ahh, “old John (or whoever) would complain if ya hung him with a new rope !” What ? !!!!!