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Your help wanted: Subscribe / give / report / opine

Guy Page, Editor

Vermont Daily Chronicle depends on the support of our readers. If you like what you read, here’s what you can do to help make us better:

  1. Subscribe. It’s free and takes just seconds, and you’ll get every issue emailed directly to you. Click here to subscribe. If you already subscribe, please cut and paste the subscription link and email/Message/social media post it to your friends.
  2. Give and/or advertise. Many subscribers choose to support Vermont Daily Chronicle with a suggested annual subscription donation (not tax deductible) of $108 per year – that’s $9 dollars a month for news and commentary you can’t find anywhere else. VDC is a truly crowd-sourced media phenomenon. There is no sugar daddy or rich aunt bankrolling our efforts. Just a few advertisers for whom we are very thankful, and you. Click here for a PayPal link for your voluntary subscription donation. Or, mail check to Vermont Daily Chronicle, P.O. Box 1547, Montpelier, VT 05601.
  3. Report. You can do this three ways. First, Vermont Daily Chronicle is seeking an experienced part-time, general assignment Vermont news reporter. Candidate should have news writing experience, clips, and references. State House experience, ability to travel desired but not required. Pay per story, negotiable. Please send resume to Guy Page, Publisher, news@vermontdailychronicle.com. Second, send your news story idea to news@vermontdailychronicle.com. Third, the next time you see an interesting photo op, take out your smart phone, make sure the light is behind you, get up close, and TAKE THE PICTURE. Then send it to news@vermontdailychronicle.com.
  4. Opine. We welcome letters and op-eds from all Vermonters, whether or not they consider themselves pundits and experts. Have something that needs to be said? Send it to VDC at news@vermontdailychronicle.com.

Thank you,

Guy Page, Editor & Publisher

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