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National conservative speakers coming to Vermont this weekend

(Left to right) Carol Swain, Dr. Peter Breggin, Rick Scarborough, others on agenda

by John Klar

Because Vermont’s media are largely dominated by progressives who do not cover events that are conservative, most Vermonters never even learn about some of the great national conservative speakers who visit the Green Mountains. Star Parker spoke at a GOP event a few years ago, and nary a word appeared in the Vermont press.

Yet Vermont still does attract some great speakers, and this weekend promises to be a huge opportunity to listen to a broad spectrum of views that critically assess today’s mainstream media and Biden administration policies. Vermont Grassroots has managed to organize a phenomenal lineup of public speakers over three days of events, and has even incorporated Vermont’s own Representative Vicki Strong as a special speaker! (Note: the author is heavily biased in support of Vicki Strong, a longtime friend and hero for Vermonters).

In addition to our illustrious Representative Strong, speakers scheduled for this weekend include:

Dr. Carol Swain is an author, Yale Law School graduate, and former professor of political science at Vanderbilt University. She has been an outspoken critic of social justice “theory,” and a staunch advocate for greater political accountability. She is also a proud walkaway from the abject failures of today’s Democratic Party. 

Rev. Christopher Thoma Reverend Thoma has earned a reputation for wit, and his important books have been praised by bright leaders such as Charlie Kirk and Dinesh D’Souza. An unashamed whiskey-loving pastor, his presentation promises to be truly entertaining as well as educational.

Jason Yates holds an MBA, and has devoted his experience and training to galvanize Christian voters and educate Christians on what is unfolding in our nation. A very experienced and confident speaker, Mr. Yates will not disappoint.

Dr. Peter Breggin graduated from Harvard with honors, and received a Teaching Fellowship at Harvard Medical School. His discipline is psychiatry, but his focus is “the necessity of taking a determined political stand against the authoritarian and totalitarian intentions of those who are driving the COVID attack on freedom.”

Dr. Rick Scarborough is a veteran pastor who encourages Christian pastors and their congregations to become more connected with political issues and the political process – even to run for office. A proponent of increased Christian political advocacy, Dr. Scarborough has set his goal as “encouraging and mobilizing pastors to engage the culture with Biblical truth to help save America from moral disintegration.

These speakers each possess unique educations and experiences to bring to bear on today’s problems in America. It is truly surprising that such a great line-up of speakers can be organized in ultra-rural Vermont, a reflection of the hard work and devotion of this event’s organizers. Vermonters are encouraged to attend, and learn – then share what they take away with others.

The weekend’s events begin Friday, in a forum titled “Celebrate America: Church, Health and Politics in the Public Square.” Tickets, and further details about locations and topics, can be found at

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