Despathy: no social contract with Big Pharma

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By Alison Despathy
Really? A Social Contract with Big Pharma?

Wait, What? Can you even imagine how abusive this relationship would be? It is unfathomable that people are actually considering this relationship in order to gain what they perceive as a sense of security and protection.

Peer-reviewed research continues to confirm that the experimental Covid injections do not prevent Covid or transmission of Covid. Many risks and complications are known. Others are just beginning to surface. Big Pharma’s injections have never been shown to be safe and effective.

It is difficult, actually painful, to understand why some would even consider this highly destructive engagement with Big Pharma. I understand the intense nature of fear and its power to force impulsive and unheard of action. But let’s keep in mind we are talking about Big Pharma. Their track record speaks for itself.

Recently I have attended many meet-and-greet Vermont and US Candidate gatherings to gain an understanding of where the candidates stand on current issues. I also voice my concern that our Constitutional rights and the fundamental human rights of body autonomy, health choice and informed consent are upheld and protected at all times.

Two political gatherings in particular standout as noteworthy – Becca Balint (running for Congress) and Rory Thibault (running for Attorney General). At both, the concept of the social contract was raised in conversation by attendees in an effort to justify vaccine and mask mandates.

Essentially, this is suggesting that people enter into a social contract with Big Pharma for “protection.” The same Big Pharma that lied about opioids which have led to an epidemic of addiction and death of the worst degree. The same Big Pharma that price gouges the people and has been sued by entire countries for experimentation on their people. Let’s put this thought into perspective.

A social contract with Big Pharma as the savior and protector would be the most abusive, dangerous relationship ever imagined. Historically, Big Pharma has repeatedly proven themselves capable of experimentation on people around the world, including children, and they have been criminally convicted of deception and fraud at the highest levels. We are talking about serial felons who have been convicted of multiple crimes.

Further, a high majority of pharmaceutical products are recalled for safety issues or after approval require black-box warning labels. These products cannot be forced upon the people. Anyone willing to consider turning over the existing social contract must reevaluate the true impact of this action and its resulting destruction of a free world and free society.

We do not live in a biosecurity state.

Pharma is not the protector of the people. Pharma makes products that people can choose to use if they think it’s right for them. It cannot be allowed to insert itself into the social contract – this would result in the absolute worst level of corruption and the ultimate destruction of body autonomy, informed consent, humanity and a free society.

With these facts in mind and taking into account our indelible, existing social contract as defined in our Country’s founding documents, the failure of the Covid injections, the current peer-reviewed research regarding the known safety concerns and the lack of efficacy with cloth masks as well as a deep understanding of the actual public health measures that historically resulted in infectious disease declines – access to nutritious food, improvements in water quality, sewage and waste removal, food handling practices, hygiene and sanitary living and work environments – I felt it urgent to address the destructive misunderstanding of our existing social contract. We must not simply change this contract which is integral to freedom and humanity and literally is the foundation of our country.

Our country is founded on the framework of a Constitutional Republic, the social contract that our Founding Fathers designed is clearly defined in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. It is based upon the philosophies of John Locke and Rousseau in that fundamental human rights of the individual, our inalienable rights, supersede the state and can never be taken away. This is what makes our country so distinct and so unique.
Our Founding Fathers specifically and intentionally stepped away from the Hobbesian social contract. Thomas Hobbes’s social contract was one of Absolutism in which all power resided in the hands of an absolute, sovereign monarch. Hobbes’s social contract was forever prone to domination, abuse of power and zero accountability based on who sat on the throne.

This is the rule of tyranny. This social contract as outlined in Thomas Hobbes’s writings specifically identified natural human rights but then sacrificed these rights and handed them over to the sovereign monarch in order to gain protection and service that he felt only an absolute ruler could provide. This leads one to wonder if Hobbes was compensated by the Crown to expound upon his social contract philosophy.

Hobbes lived in England during the time of the Spanish Armada. He was under the constant threat of attack and war. This experience resulted in deep seated, continual fear that he determined was only remedied by absolute rule in exchange for protection. Fear can lead to desperate, destructive, impulsive action such as Hobbes’s tyrannical social contract as well as any thoughts of a social contract with or dependent on Big Pharma.

Reverting and regressing back to a social contract based on Hobbes’s philosophy would only result in tyranny and the extinction of the rule of law. This would leave us with the rule of man which is the rule of cronyism and corruption. A social contract with Big Pharma or Biotech would epitomize the corrupt rule of man.

Big Pharma does not have all the answers. There is no magic bullet for health and protection from infection, this has been clearly demonstrated historically and with the recent Covid injections. The solutions for health are multifactorial and complex. There is no one size fits all solution.

Industry, including Big Pharma, can and should innovate and offer the people options. But to force a product on an individual goes against the entire basis of our country’s existing social contract. We must not revert back to Hobbes’s version of a social contract unless we want to live in tyranny and be at the complete mercy of the state or even worse corporations.

We are NOT a tyranny, a monarchy, a dictatorship, a fascist state or a technocratic society – we are a Constitutional Republic based on democracy with an existing social contract that enshrines and guarantees the fundamental human rights and inalienable rights of the individual- this must be remembered, honored and respected at all times – no exceptions.

Freedom can erode and if we want to ensure and maintain a free society for our children then we must work at all times to uphold the existing social contract which is based upon the inalienable rights of individuals. This is true freedom through all of the high and lows that humanity will face on the journey.

There will always be attempts by individuals, corporations, and other countries to squash the people and dominate others for more wealth and power. We must work to uphold the divinely- granted, inalienable rights of the individual to live and function in our free society and the fundamental human rights including those of body autonomy and informed consent.

The person who would sacrifice our existing freedom would be responsible for the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, democracy and the future of humanity.

The author is a clinical nutritionist practicing in St. Johnsbury.

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  1. Excellent article!!! I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your thoughtfulness around these issues. Please keep up the good work!

  2. Over decades, people took every prescription written by their doctor. I’ve seen medical records of people taking 20 pills a day or more. Some of these are lifetime prescriptions. Child vaccinations went from a half dozen to over two dozen. Children prescribed behavior medications and they end up with brains altered for life (Gen Y and Z.) The death cult of big pharma is all by design and the money generated supports every hospital and every managed care facility in the USA. Unfortunately, now they need to kill off as many people as possible, yet they can’t lose a nickle in profit. The Devil is a lie and many people in the medical community are propping up that lie every day. All in the name of making a good salary for selling their souls.