Musician: Masking is torture for kids

Speaking/singing are integral to developing a strong sense of self. If infringed upon, this will lead to a general thwarting of the human spirit.

by Kathi Tarrant

In Vermont, the mask debate continues unabated. Since August 1, 2020, Gov. Scott has advised everyone to wear a face covering in public settings. As to whether this practice led to the lessening of ‘cases’ is not only debatable, it is highly erroneous. In addition, the inconsistency of how, when, why and where to ‘mask’ has contributed to a routine gesture gone berserk. Despite the fact that Gov Scott lifted the remaining Covid-19 restrictions on June 14th, many in Vermont are still choosing to wear the mask.

Mask-wearing is of particular concern for children as they have very little to no chance of contracting or spreading the ‘virus’. With their developing speech along with the curtailing of their highest form of speech in singing…Governor Scott continues to purport that since children under twelve years of age are unvaccinated (for now), they should remain ‘masked’. In the meantime, schools are fast-becoming breeding grounds for increased conformity, and places where children are experiencing a lack of engagement. The mask has become another tool in undermining the child’s confidence in their ability to communicate; where obtaining a reward status is a matter of figuring out what ‘Simon Says’.

According to Andrew T. Napolitano, a columnist and former New Jersey Superior Court judge, torture is “any cruel or degrading or intentionally painful or disorienting behavior visited upon a person to induce compliance and/or to gratify the torturer. It is the ultimate triumph of the state over a person and the ultimate degradation of personhood.” To deprive a child of his or her potential through the exploration of speech and/or singing is—I believe–not only an unjustified interference, but an abomination and a complete rejection of the values of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Governor Scott/the state of Vermont is engaging in torture via the emergency order. He, the torturer experiences the fruits of his barbaric behavior legitimized in depriving children of their God-given rights. It is high time the ‘little ones’ be allowed to gather peacefully, to gather with whomever they choose, and to learn how to speak/sing freely, especially in school, because this is where they spend at least (6) of their waking hours.

Palmer J. Palmer, a master teacher who offers strategies for authentic teaching and learning states, “Consensus is the practical process by which we practice obedience and truth. Consensus is NOT a democracy of opinion in which a majority vote equals truth. Instead, it is a process of inquiry in which the truth that emerges through listening and responding to each other and the subject at hand is more likely to transcend collective opinion than fall prey to it.” Children are deserving of improved dialogue. It is we–as adults–who must recognize the risk we feel is not really the risk of error, but the challenge of transforming a false narrative.

Again, children are not carrying or transmitting the ‘virus’. Not only is the wearing of a mask inhibiting the urge to develop an integrated sense of self—both physical and mental—that is necessary for their natural development, ‘masking’ contributes to the inhibition of free speech as stated in the 1st amendment. A failure to recognize the absence of adequate support…not only will intrinsic motivation be undermined, but so too will the development of a more integrated or coherent sense of self. Speaking/singing are integral to developing a strong sense of self. If infringed upon, this will lead to a general thwarting of the human spirit.

As American radio and television personality, Art Linkletter used to say, “Kids say the darndest things.” They sure do…if given the chance.

Kathi Tarrant is a professional musician and educator who lives in Waterbury. Thumbnail photo credit Jeffco Public Schools, Golden CO.

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    THANK YOU for your critical thinking skills and also for speaking out on this subject.
    Anyone who took the time to research and read the many studies performed over the years on the effectiveness of mask wearing for viral diseases, KNOWS the truth and the REAL SCIENCE about mask-wearing for Covid. It’s hard to know if the LIES and FEAR were deliberately perpetrated for political reasons or the result of cowardly, self-serving politicians/leaders who are afraid to stand up and be truthful to the people they are supposed to serve in our “woke” “cancel” culture.

    It was very difficult to watch how many adults laid down and just went along with this LIE out of fear and compliance, yet that wasn’t enough for those in power. Ridiculously and against ALL common sense, reason and science, children as small as 2 years old were expected to wear masks.
    Many of us have been asking for many months, where are the so-called child protection agencies who are supposed to stand and act against child abuse? What long term affects will mask-wearing have on our children?

    There was a good consequence of Covid. It allowed ALL to see who has the courage to STAND for Truth and Freedom and who easily COWERS in fear.

  2. Re: DCF; a good question. They should be stepping up. Unfortunately, they are another ‘cog in the wheel’ re: government bureaucracy.

    • Hi Kathi,

      Did you see this report from Townhall?

      A group of parents in Gainesville, FL, concerned about potential harms from masks, submitted six face masks to a lab for analysis. The resulting report found that five masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria. No viruses were detected on the masks, although the test is capable of detecting viruses.

      I’m sure even with SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE written in a lab report for proof, this will be written off by some as a “hyperbolic, angry, conspiracy theory.”

  3. Actually children can be carriers Kathi, just not likely to suffer the negative impacts of the disease that older people suffer. Children carriers can infect older teachers, placing them and their families at risk. Masks have made a difference, and along with the vaccination program that resulted in 80% of Vermonters being vaccinated, children will no longer be required to wear them in school. Hooray! Let’s look at the positive results of this effort led by Governor Scott and his amazing team and celebrate our now being on the other side of this pandemic here in Vermont. Let’s also leave the hyperbolic, angry, conspiracy theory laden stuff of Fox News in the discarded mask waste basket where it belongs.

    • That’s incorrect. Your comment is why this ‘scamdemic’ continues. Please get your facts straight. Fauci is going down, because he has been lying all along; no mask, mask, two masks, etc. Governor Scott is hell-bent on getting everyone ‘jabbed’ so he can SATISFY HIS OWN DEEP POCKETS.

    • Let’s be really honest John, many teachers along with their union are a big part of the LIES being perpetrated on our schools and children. Put your personal opinion and FEELINGS aside and look up the FACTS and REAL SCIENCE.

      I must admit one really good thing was revealed during Covid that is positive for ALL children. Parents were able to SEE ALL the lies and propaganda that is being fed to our vulnerable children in the name of EDUCATION.

      Really John?? We were led by Governor Scott?? You have set a really low standard for leadership. Leading is NOT going along with ALL the other WOKE SHEEPLE politicians instead of looking at the FACTS and REAL SCIENCE to make sound decisions that are in the BEST INTEREST of THE PEOPLE. And NOW, the LIES and ABUSE continue on another level as we hear the new mantra that our children need and will somehow benefit from the Covid Vaccine.

      Feeling is NOT the same as thinking. Have the courage to open your mind and allow yourself to REALLY THINK. If you do, the FACTS and the TRUTH really will set you FREE!

    • “Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning.

      They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening.

      Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.” – Henri Bergson (French philosopher and Nobel Prize winner)

  4. We need to free the faces of our dear children. Thank you for this article. We need to do more to set them free or bring them home!! South County Chorus is only allowing singers who are vaccinated. So sad.

  5. The leader who invited Communist China representatives into the State House Feb 2019 to discuss what ? How to get paid for the trouble of carrying out the Wuhan bioweapon plan, belt and road partnering? The same leader who was at the Governors Conference where a number of governors posed with CCP operatives smiling and shaking hands with the enemy? The enemy who violates every human right known to man? Infiltration – not invasion. Kathi is absolutely spot on! We allow child abuse and elder abuse to occur for months on end because the government lied and colluded with total disregard and malfeasance for human life and well being. Crimes against humanity and it’s far from over –

  6. Children and Transmission:

    I recommend we look at the data. As far as children being sources of transmission, the answer shown in the research has continued to say “no.” The World Health Organization recognizes this, and has recommended far less use of them with children than Vermont agencies have:

    Dr. Levine’s research published with UVM last summer found no evidence that children are spreading the virus:

    For a good summary of the data on both sides, see Manfred Spitzer’s commentary on the harms masks can cause to children:

    As we have continued to ask children to wear masks “to protect” us, a German survey of over 20,000 parents found evidence that children wearing masks are suffering from oxygen deprivation and other serious health effects, as well as emotional and social distress:

    For the past year I’ve been conducting a statewide survey of the harms Vermonters are suffering as a result of wearing masks. The results can be found in the Vermont Mask Survey Final Report:

    The report includes 150 of the best references, including the studies mentioned above. The data is clear, it’s about basic biology. The earliest OSHA standards and publications address the need for caution around any device which causes restricted breathing.

    Before workplaces can require the use of 1/2 face masks, they need to:
    1. Establish the presence of a dangerous substance
    2. Establish if the wearer is medically fit for wearing it
    2. Continually assess the safety and effectiveness of the device and rectify any difficulties

    Our government has done none of these things, and yet, with no credible evidence of safety or effectiveness, are still using them with children.

    I’ve described all of this in the Vermont Mask Survey Final Report, and delivered it to all the press and health departments in the state.

    I’ve included sections on quality science and media literacy, as well as a break down of the numerous harms Vermonters are experiencing.

    Thank you Kathi for speaking up and breaking the silence!

    ~ Amy Hornblas
    Health Educator

  7. Thank you Kathi. This is so astute. I have been so disappointed in so many obedient nitwits since 2020, yet so inspired and elevated by those who can still think, resisting this insane fascist authoritarianism.

    Another good resource is

    And for another fascinating and well sourced read there is this: -the quote by Theodore Dalrymple is GOLDEN.

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