Apply now for seat on State Board of Education

Governor Phil Scott is seeking applications for an opening on the State Board of Education.

The Board is responsible for the establishment, advancement, and evaluation of public education policy. Board duties include making regulations governing attendance and records of attendance of all pupils, standards for student performance, adult basic education programs, approval of independent schools, disbursement of funds, and equal access for all Vermont students to a quality education.

The new member will be appointed by the Governor to fill the remainder of an unexpired term until February 2022 and will be eligible for reappointment.

Those interested in appointment to the Board should complete the Application for Gubernatorial Appointment to State Boards and Commissions by clicking here.

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  1. I truly am tempted to apply. Not only to see how the process is currently administered, but to be an advocate for providing all Vermont parents a ‘tuition voucher’ to let them choose the school, public or independent, that they believe best meets the needs of their children. But I don’t want to waste my time jousting with windmills either. Hopefully, another School Choice advocate will throw their hat in the ring. Liz Cady would be a great candidate.

    • You’d do a good job, Jay. I do know that the Essex school district already has someone on the state board (Kim Gleason). Let me know how it works out.

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