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Most VT students not proficient in English, math, science

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WCAXEthics Commission report suggests lack of municipal oversight
WCAXDozens of Vermont schools lack athletic training staff for high school and youth sports
WCAXMild winter has VTrans fully stocked but plow drivers in demand
WCAXGreen Mountain Unified School District votes to lose ‘Chieftains’ name
WCAXPolice release photos, video of armed robbery at South Burlington quick stop
NBC 5Burlington man pleads guilty, sentenced to 20 years in prison
NBC 5Road reopens after multi-vehicle crash involving tractor trailer, power outages reported
NBC 5Pedestrian seriously injured after being hit by car in Newport Town, VT
Newport DispatchTwo-vehicle crash with injuries on I-89 in Williston
WCAXSBAC result show majority of Vt. students not meeting requirements

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  1. Not proficient in English ? Just watch and listen as local TV news and weather people butcher the English language. Example, Did you know that safety is very impor-int while skying at Stra-in Mou-in ? Where do kids get it from ? Hmmm ????

  2. When we lived in a merit-based society where people were expected to make good use of their public educations to learn the necessary skills to earn a living, english, math and science were important. Now that we live in a welfare society where victimhood is valued and incentivized, dumb is king. Public school now largely functions as an indoctrination facility to learn essential social skills like celebrating marxism, exploring your gender horizons and if you happen to be white…hating yourself.

  3. There’s nothing new here – except for the recent depths of performance dysfunction. And the excuses are already circling their wagons. Lack of parental support. The Covid lockdowns.

    One thing is certain – the only remaining strategy that continues to be resisted is parental school choice in an education free-market. We’re spending as much to educate a first grader as it costs to send an in-state student to one of Vermont’s State Universities – INCLUDING room and board.

    And it’s the spending that exposes the graft and corruption. The education special interest groups (we all know who they are) want to control the money for their own benefit – certainly not the student’s benefit – no matter what they say. The proof is in the pudding.

    Unfortunately, these special interest groups have coalesced into an insurmountable voting bloc. And their mismanagement isn’t going to end well for anyone.

    Praemonitus, praemunitus.

  4. The students need more seat time to make up for the Covid losses but In Bennington our schools go to a half day on Wednesday because one of our members town decided to go skiing for half a day, so our students get released even thought they are not skiing?? Crazy, more seat time needed, not lass 😢😢😢

    • How regular exercise improves your studying…

      When I type ‘does exercise help learning’ in a Google search, there are about 1,370,000,000 results.

      Perhaps that’s why its called ‘physical’ education. Blaming the fact that students,in all grades,1 thru 12, can’t read, write or do arithmetic, on letting them have half a day of exercise is a reach. But that’s my opinion.

      Of course, if we had School Choice, we’d learn very quickly whether or not exercise improves anyone’s studying. I suspect for some, more seat time might help. For others, not so much.

      • way back when…gym class was part of curriculum; anyone remember the gig with several types of exercise as part of presidents week or ?? I cannot remember the name of it, but had to do pushups, pullups, situps, and more and received a certificate for passing……all had to participate….to best of ability…..
        and there were more recesses……esp for younger children……sit for a bit, then outdoors…..work, outdoors…….
        this style we see now is useless……School Choice to save the Children and young adults

  5. How can anyone excuse this? Vermont had the best schools 🏫 in the country. This helped set Americans apart from other countries. This is unacceptable. It is a disservice. Stop this madness immediately. As a former classroom teacher I saw the babysitting not facilitating. It is sickening. This is why true teachers leave.

    • You know, of course, that School Choice is a benefit to teachers too. When parents can make choices, teachers can be more innovative too.

      “Education spending will be most effective if it relies on parental choice & private initiative — the building blocks of success throughout our society.”
      ― Milton Friedman

  6. always interesting how the ones that created the problem feel that they are best equipped to fix the problem. safe to say improving student learning is not their priority

    • No question about it. The more dysfunction there is, the greater the call for more spending. School Choice will create the incentives for success, academically and financially. Parents will choose those education programs that are successful, and the teachers who provide those programs will thrive.