Montpelier High School students protest lifting of mask mandate

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by John Klar, The American Spectator

Students in Vermont’s capital are planning to walk out Wednesday to demand that school mask mandates not be lifted. Vermont officials recently recommended that schools with an 80 percent vaccination rate do not need to require masks, but these students are irate and are demanding continued, even heightened mandates.

Titled “Protest Against Lifting Mask Mandates” on an online Vermont community forum for Montpelier High School, handouts and infographics titled “Safety Over Normalcy” proclaim:

“Join your fellow students and community members in a walk out and march to city hall out to protest the mask mandate being lifted and general lack of covid safety at MHS.”

“Students demanding totalitarian protection are increasingly common in the indoctrinated Generation Duh. Perhaps future protest events will call for evening curfew enforcement, increased homework, banning alcohol at football games, raising the driving and drinking ages, or a crackdown on premarital sex.”

– John Klar

Vermont has been a pretty safe area to weather COVID, and healthy children are of course at minuscule risk. It appears children at this school can simply decide to walk out of class and walk around the city, so perhaps the kids will simply self-impose mask mandates. Mask-lovers can be pretty autocratic, at any age.

Vermont is already established as a place where the young hate free speech and physically assault professors with whom they disagree. (Though nearby Dartmouth College is vying for leadership in the cancel speech movement.)

Students demanding totalitarian protection are increasingly common in the indoctrinated Generation Duh. Perhaps future protest events will call for evening curfew enforcement, increased homework, banning alcohol at football games, raising the driving and drinking ages, or a crackdown on premarital sex. The irony is that those shifts would all be beneficial for youth, and even save lives — the inverse of masking.

For healthy children, the flu is deadlier than COVID. Whether or not masking effectively prevents transmission, the practice certainly does cause alienation, anxiety, and other psychological harms. For some children, they cause physical problems as well. What of those concerns? One event infographic proclaims:

“Masks are one of the only ways proven to consistently protect people fro Covid throughout the pandemic. Masking only works when everyone is wearing them. If we lift the mask mandates at schools now even with higher vaccination rates, Covid cases will rise, putting our communities at risk.”

The mask cult students, doubtless conditioned by the histrionic terrors of their unbalanced “progressive” parents, seek to “protect themselves” from other children with exposed facial features. But as with vaccines, if masks work, these fears are irrational: “Vaccines only work if everyone gets jabbed!” “Masks must be universally worn because vaccines don’t work as advertised!”

The effort is petitioning for more than mere mandatory mask measures. One call to action lists specific demands which include “reinstate regular surveillance testing”; provide “alternate lunch areas,” “alternate schooling,” N95 masks, and hand sanitizers; and “enforce the mask policy and not let students consistently wear masks incorrectly.” Papers, testing, stop-points, mask enforcement … sounds like reform school, or Catholic boarding school, only stricter. The phrase “Jawohl!” comes to mind.

Students and parents now screeching for more rules and restrictions seem to have lost their reason along with an awareness of scientific facts. He who would trade liberty for security deserves neither; he who would irrationally do so deserves a kick in the derriere.

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  1. This is truly jaw-dropping news – to think that Vermont youth (at least a segment thereof) are clamoring for mandatory masking in school while students elsewhere have demonstrated for an end to forced (and ineffective, albeit virtue-signaling) masking. Some of our adult leaders might be proud of the effectiveness of their fear-inducing misinformation and policies. I for one think those adults should be ashamed. Rather we should applaud the truckers clamoring for an end to the mandates everywhere.

  2. Isn’t that the same city that wants to legalize prostitution and illegal aliens voting??

  3. These students have every right to wear a mask if they would like. No one is stopping them. They also have the right to wear two masks, or even a bag over their heads if they want to. It needs to be a CHOICE at this point. If you ask me, it’s just an excuse to extend their school vacation.

  4. Come on, folks. You know these kids aren’t thinking for themselves. They protest for teacher rights all the time. Why? Because, if they don’t, they’re gaslighted. Lower grades, social shunning, characterized as racist, white supremacists, you name it. It’s insidious.

    Get your kids out of the public-school monopoly as soon as you can, or accept the consequences.

      • As many recent reports have indicated, while there are ‘liberal parents’ who agree with these protests, many, clearly, are fearful of bucking the system. I’ve seen parents in my school district, literally driven out of town for fear of the social ramifications being levied on them and their children. Just wait until Child Protective Services shows up at your door, accusing you of abusing your children if you don’t require them to get a vaccine or wear a mask.

        Yes, there may be liberal parents out there going along with this nonsense. But, make no mistake, the real culprit is the authoritarian State, and the tyrants who hide behind it while classifying disagreeable parents as ‘domestic terrorists’.

        That’s right. “Get your butt in school”. Whether you like it or not.

    • Or get your butt into the school. Thats my choice as homeschooling is not an option for my family

  5. Regardless of whether this is 2 students or 200, it is proof positive of the social engineering taking place in predominantly Democrat/Progressive controlled areas. Call it liberal thinking- and wow! it’s working. These students are free to wear masks, as individuals- I presume to “feel safe”- but choose to, in the face of contradictory evidence- demand that all wear masks, so these children may “feel safe”.
    If this is the state of our education system in Vermont, to fail to adequately teach civics- concepts such as liberty and freedom – the importance of our constitutional rights- then Vermont is doomed to become a state full of government dependent, socialist, petulant children.

  6. This curious demand to maintain these ineffective restrictions is a testimonial to the effectiveness of the leftist brainwashing that has been inflicted on these yoots in Vermont’s #2 marxist city school system. For those children who want to keep wearing their facial version of the nazi armband for their own camaraderie, they are free to do so. Freedom of Association is guaranteed by the Constitution…you know that document penned by all those old white men that they have been told is obsolete and dated. If they really wanted to save lives, they would advocate for a more secure southern border, to try to restrict the flow of that cheap chinese fentanyl.

  7. More proof liberalism is a disease of self loathing and self termination. What sad kids,

  8. Demanding you stay in prison is a form of insanity. Lots of psychological trauma on display here. Are they even aware that students in other states are having walk-outs because they are FED UP with masks?

  9. It’s not enough that THEY wear a mask or get vaxed or whatever. In true leftist fashion they have to make sure YOU do it too! Scary as these kids will be voters in the near future.

      • Socialist Youth for a Better Tomorrow. No more competition or toxic masculinity or cisgender toilets or sexist pronouns, anatomically incorrect but politically correct

  10. I was mischievous this morning…

    Went to Burlington’s Edmunds school to (masklessly) vote. Not one but two lines of Mask 😷 Nazi defenses to penetrate.

    Outside the door I encountered and evaded the first line of defense. Inside I encountered the 2nd line of defense.

    That’s when I responded to her request for me to put on a mask 😷 with “Why, isn’t your’s working?”

    Poor woman was befuddled.

    I managed past the second line of defense and masklessly voted!!! 😃

  11. Thanks, I got a charge out of this! It’s like Americans wearing their “Save the Planet” masks while kowtowing to energy producing countries sporting their “Dying from CO2 and Laughter” masks.

  12. I’m ashamed to think I once went to that school. It was one of those schools, like other schools of the time, where you might see a rifle in the back window of a truck to go deer hunting with after school!!!

  13. I respect your right to make your own medical and bodily autonomy decisions, please respect mine and those of the vast majority. Remember the words freedom and liberty? Those same words are giving you the right to speak up. But unfortunately youre speaking to squash freedom and liberty. This is hypocritical, condescending and unacceptable. Wake up!

  14. if you follow the science it is apparent that there is no value in the average mask that people wear. in Scott Atlas book he talks about little to no danger to youth and little danger of them transmitting to elders. influenza is more dangerous to them and that has never caused a lockdown or masks. another good reason not to lower voting age

  15. I was deeply depressed by this news when I saw it on our Montpelier Front Porch Forum. Deeply depressed. I fully respect that some prefer to stay masked right now. I will not disparage anyone that right if it eases their anxiety or they are truly immunocompromised or live with someone who is. But to force everyone around you to maintain this level of anxiety, dehumanization, and literal lack of oxygen flow … in perpetuity? I’m hopeful that only a handful of kids will rally around the individual organizing this. But yes, proof of how over-the-top the fear mongering has been.

    • @ Annonymous

      I can assure you that you do have company in Montpelier; others who were equally upset by the FPF post by STUDENTS demanding that everyone keep wearing masks. It’s just that Montpelier is so intolerant of contrary opinions to their dominant paradigm that they will viciously attack anyone who dares speak out. They are aided in this by FPF that refuses to post most things contrary to this paradigm, thus not providing any voice to the opposition while making the favored ones confident that everyone else thinks like them. It’s truly appalling.

  16. Man, these kids are full blown Brainwashed libtards who do require big govt Daycare. Pathetic. I see their elegant elders virtue signaling while wearing masks in cars, jogging, biking on the Montpelier bike path seriously. They are the righteous protesters snowflake in downtown Democratville. Goddess bless BLM, CRT BDS and every other fashionable politic of identity and ego orgasm.

  17. It’s refreshing to see that there is a fresh new crop of young idiots coming along. They will make good soviet styled citizens as they mature in their statist orthodoxy. The propaganda has certainly worked well. Just when you thought that outdated group think was happily deceased, don’t be surprised or discouraged. It is alive and well, flourishing in Montpelier and coming to a community near you. With think tanks like Montpelier High School, never fear the Stalinists are on the job indoctrinating all those that will believe the Progressive drivel.

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