Mom fears vax coercion with new school mask policy

She writes letter to Dr. Robert Malone – and he responds

By Guy Page

A letter by a Vermont woman fearing she and her children will be coerced to help their school reach the newly-announced mask-free threshold of 80% vaccination appears today on the Who Is Robert Malone? Substack blog, operated by the creator of the MRNA vaccine process and outspoken critic of vaccine mandates. 

Dr. Robert Malone

The mom, “Jennifer,” writes: “I’m up at 2 in the morning writing to you over what feels like it could be the last straw for me: our state, which has been recommending mandatory masking in schools this whole time, is planning to end masking requirements BUT ONLY IF more than 80% of a school’s students are vaccinated against Covid-19. So, in plain terms, we can drop not-very-effective mitigation measure if we increase uptake on not-very-effective mitigation measure which involves injecting our children with an experimental gene therapy for a disease that (a) my kids have already had and (b) doesn’t, statistically-speaking, cause any real harm for children.”

Dr. Malone answers (in part): “At this point, I would be front and center saying ‘NO. Not my children. Not now, not ever for the mRNA vaccines.’ The reason to be front and center with the school, the teachers and your children is that if you make it non-negotiable, most likely -they will be less inclined to argue and try to persuade. If you shirk being straight forward, people will see you as someone to be coerced. Don’t let yourself be that person.”

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  1. Making this into a conditional 80% rule is an absolutely vicious thing to do to children in terms of peer pressure and negative social enforcement. The virus is essentially harmless to children, unlike the vaccinations, and numerous studies show the superiority of natural immunity. I can’t even believe how nasty this hysteria has become… to the point that adults will sacrifice children in the name of “safety.” Many folks will live in shame and regret when the madness clears.

    • I highly recommend listening to the exact press conference where this was discussed ( After defaulting back to their (Scott/Levine) “80% vaxxed to remove masks guidance for schools”, Governor Scott– when talking about the immense anxiety this is causing students in schools—to be masked–lamented that “some schools may not want to wait to reach the 80% threshold”. He also stated that “Vermont has the highest vax rate of children ages 5-11 in the country”.
      So–who’s in charge here? Contact your school districts & superintendants. Parents–these are your schools. These board members, superinendants, principals and teachers answer to you as public servants.
      Do not be coerced.
      IMO–those who wanted their children vaxxed have already done so. Those who don’t, never will. We know better! And it’s only a matter of time before Vermonters start waking up!
      No more child abuse. Never in our history have we sacrificed our children for healthcare emergencies, war, etc. It’s time to end this insanity now.
      Children are not at risk and those who have already had Covid 19 shouldn’t get the vax as they have innate natural immunity (Drs. McCullough & Malone).
      As a teacher (25+ years) in this state I am horrified by what has been done to Vermont’s children and it will take these children years to recover from the trauma, anxiety and loss of academic skills.

  2. Unfortunately, Jennifer has few options at this time. Dr. Malone’s advice to her is spot-on, just maybe not achievable in Vermont. There are too many in Vermont that are complacently absorbing the current government policies regarding SARS-CoV-2. Virtually all of Vermont’s news media is merely parroting the words of fauci, wollensky, Scott and levine. And it will continue long after the CDC, VT DOH and lord fauci give the all clear signal. Depending on where Jennifer lives in Vermont, she and her family may already be “outcasts” from the local population, because of simple concern for the long term health risk of a gene therapy- allegedly to inoculate us form a virus that has a 0.0000000% death rate for children under 19, and a 100.00% recovery rate for the same age group. Under the current political climate here in Vermont and nationwide, the best we can hope for is to run the clock out on this virus. At some point, natural immunity will indeed be recognized, the endemic status of SARS-CoV-2 will be realized (we’ve been at endemic since omicron peaked) and
    the political elite will tilt at different windmills. Until then, we have two choices- grind it out, or leave the state- and an 8th generation Vermonter will do some tough soul-searching to be forced out of her home and state because of liberal nonsensical thinking and reactionary politics.

  3. It’s lousy on many levels. Jennifer has to find a way to support her daughter in understanding why her family is making the choices it has. If possible it would be best to homeschool. I suspect so many kids and adults in VT have become so fearful of Covid they will be loathe to end masks and vaxes no matter what.

  4. How sad to expose our children to an experiment that can well have lifelong and further effects (what other reason would big pharma request and receive immunity). and now all of us that are not buying and havent bought the party line are going to be considered terrorists (read Guy’s article above)….I know Im on the phone/email tomorrow to my legislatures, congress, senate……all of them about suppression of free speech

  5. Awesome work Jennifer. There are a lot of Jennifer’s around – more each day but so many hesitant to speak up. Well that’s what they want – to shame us into silence. It’s past the point where we should selfishly care about being “labeled”. Get over it- it’s your CHILDREN!

    The free babysitting called govt schools have again failed the students (again) tremendously. Defund the system by removing your kids. Homeschool, private (do your homework some are masking ). Yes it’s a sacrifice. Yes it may not be as “convenient”. But it’s your children for goodness sake.

    Where are the pediatricians? Aren’t they the child experts? They know- they get advised when their patients go to the ER or have crisis at school. So why aren’t they vocal?

    Parents must now accept the blame for not taking action and ending this. No one else is going to. Our governor is a coward. Our school administrators are a joke. Pediatricians have abandoned their patients. Its YOU- the parent- or no one.

    Every other teacher has a masters degree- they are the “experts” in childhood development and education. They know this is devastating mentally, physically, developmentally – yet they STILL won’t speak up 2.5 years into this. Instead they continuously chirp “mask up”. They are happy to use your kid as a human shield for their fear and to protect their paycheck.

    For the small number of teachers that have spoken up and do not enforce masking in their classes – be louder and push more. Encourage the kids to respectfully push back and refuse to mask.

  6. The government will raise your kids, and they will kill them and you with impunity. Get the picture? Waking up is difficult.

  7. Why are so many silent on the most important foundational factor of this subject of “COVID Shots”?

    It is AGAINST THE LAW to mandate, force, coerce, etc. these experimental use “Shots!”
    They are unapproved and untested for safety and efficacy and we now know they don’t work!

    If I were a parent faced with this for my child, I would be beating that drum over and over and over. I would make copies of the Laws and give them to anyone in my sphere of influence.

    There are several Laws in place that make this practice ILLEGAL yet, ALL the Elected Officials, Medical Officials, etc. who flagrantly push these “Shots” are not asked about their BLATANT ILLEGAL BEHAVIORS. WHY?

    To name just two sources among others:
    The Nuremberg Code –
    The Helsinki Final Act –

    We are loosing our Freedoms, because we easily give them away!

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