Ministry Of Truth Announces Target Of Today’s Two Minutes Hate Is Tucker Carlson

Photo credit Babylon Bee

Satire republished from the May 2 Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a darkened room in Washington, faithful followers of the Biden administration gathered dutifully for this morning’s Two Minutes Hate. Every day, zealous disciples of the Party come together to rile one another up in hatred and anger over a different target of the Party’s wrath. Recent objects of the Two Minutes Hate include LibsofTikTok, Elon Musk, and The Babylon Be

Today, it was Tucker Carlson.

The crowd writhed and jeered, slowly building in energy and hate as images of Carlson appeared on screen with words flashing across such as “racist”, “white supremacist”, and “look at that dazzling smile, it’s terrible!”

“Boo!” jeered the crowd, which was made up mostly of journalists and politicians. “Boo! Tucker is the king of filth, the king of slime!” Every member of the crowd attempted to outdo everyone else in their show of hatred for Carlson. One HuffPo writer began hitting herself in the head with a frying pan to show how much she hated Tucker, though she left the event early after she was laid off by HuffPo and had to get to her programming class.

The Two Minutes Hate crescendoed in wild jeers, hissing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth as the screen proclaimed, “TUCKER CARLSON: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE,” and all the gathered journalists and other Party members rushed the stage in a frenzy to tear down the image of Carlson, though they didn’t do much damage, not having much upper body strength.

At publishing time, the Ministry of Truth had published this morning’s headline, approved by the Party, which read, “How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable.”

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  1. Tucker for PRESIDENT!

    Now, remember my NAME & my contact info. you LOSER COMMUNISTS in the brain-dead Biden administration!!! Ooooohhhh…..I’m so terrified of you I can barely write this!

    Want more morons? Contact me personally!!!

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. FREEDOM TO PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE (Oh, and look up the word “peacefully” in a Dictionary if ya’ll know how to use one, as you very obviously have no clue what it means).

    See you chumps around….I’ll be one of the millions saying EXACTLY what I WANT. ALWAYS.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that Elon Musk buys Twitter, Obama’s speech about disinformation, and Voila ! the installed regime creates a thought police unit under DHS. The best part of this set up is the political operative shill they installed to lead this thought police unit. Considering this same regime installed Nazis into the Ukrainian army, they appear to have embraced the 4th Reich mantra and the USA is officially in collapse mode.

    • Very Insightful regarding the probability of the shadowy Obama behind the scenes of that disinformation board’s creation. I missed that one. Gosh, one of those evolved egomaniacs may think “shadowy Obama” is racist.

      • So much might have been avoided if they’d simply allowed Ivermectin and the other medicine into use. Trump, vile a person as he may be, never told people to inject bleach. That was false propaganda which cost lives. A friend of mine, Thomas Farrow here in the NEK might have been saved. He was triaged into a corner with some oxygen and left to die. NH now allows Ivermectin. Will this ne Dept. go after the NH Legislature?

      • “Trump, vile a person as he may be”, and how do you get off by knowing your statement is true? Do you know President Trump personally? Maybe, as a recovering liberal, you actually know nothing of the sort but find favor in believing all the trash in the media that has been proven wrong. You are the first to call out others for their people critiques then do exactly the same. No one is perfect especially Trump but all you have is a personal opinion based on a media that gave him 90% negative coverage of stories made up by them and others to destroy him. Well, shame on you for practicing what you always preach against others for. A personal opinion is like a certain anatomy part, we all have one. This one of yours is come from your liberal TDS apparently.

  3. Dano, stop LYING! I didn’t say that he was vile, although I believe he is., LIAR! I lived in an area where he ruined small businesses and the families involved by running up huge debts which he never paid. Instead, he milked salary from his own businesses and then declared bankruptcy. Yet I never said that. Take a course in English grammar.
    You LIE when you say my information comes from the media’s own Libels against him. I’m aware of the media vilifying him, LIAR! While you hide behind a pseudonym you level accusations against me.
    Now, Liar, what have I done that makes me guilty of what I “always preach against others for”? Quote what I’ve previously said?

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