McClaughry: Peddlar of Shumlin’s failed single payer gets $400K to run One Care

By John McClaughry

Anya Rader Wallack will be the new president of One Care, the Accountable Care Organization that hopes to control as much health care in Vermont as possible.

Anya Rader Wallack was the chief architect and promoter of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s single payer plan from 2011 to 2013, before fleeing the state when it couldn’t be made to work. It collapsed in ruins in December 2014. Last June she reappeared with a PhD in “social policy”, as chief promoter of what I call the Brumsted Health Empire at UVM, which for all practical purposes owns One Care.

She was quoted then as saying sanctimoniously “I believe the American health care system is in crisis and can only be fixed by people who have a clear vision for reform and are in a position to improve it.  I have dedicated my professional life to improving our health care system and keeping it affordable,” she said.

In view of her previous performance peddling Gov. Shumlin’s failed single payer plan, you have to wonder how she could hand out this pomposity with a straight face, but such people are often capable of enormous acts of self-glorification.

Now, after nine months of grooming at the UVM Health Network, with a salary of $400,000 a year, Rader Wallack will take over the top job protecting UVM’s interests at OneCare. I wonder how much she’ll be getting from the taxpayers.  For reference, Gov. Scott earns $184,100.

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  1. Just one word, “unbelievable”. How do these people continue to get in positions of power? Probably because we allow them to push and bully their way in.

  2. After a batter has struck out, don’t you usually go through the “batter rotation” before you give the lead off batter a chance at striking out again ? And this one struck out so monumentally that I think I’d be looking to trade, or bench her permanently !

  3. This woman has nearly single-handedly bilked Vermont of many, many hundreds of thousands in compensation while accomplishing nothing. No words……

  4. Ms. Rader Wallack fails upward from the Shumlin administration health care debacle and joins Shumlin health care alum Al Gobeille at UVM Health Network.

    Al Gobeille was hired by Gov. Shumlin in 2013 to Chair the Green Mountain Care Board…..At that time, he ran a restaurant operation in Burlington and had no hospital operational or administrative experience…….None…….He was next hired by Gov. Scott to head the Vermont Agency of Health Services and then in 2019 he was hired by the UVM Health Network. Still with no hospital ops or admin experience…….None…… He was next hired by UVM Health Network as an Executive Vice President for Network Hospital Operations making him one of the highest ranking officers in the company.

    Since or perhaps before Gobeille’s joining the UVM Health Network as head of Network Hospital Operations the company has experienced significant problems…..Rising costs, requests for large rate increases, staff shortages, inability to attract and hire needed staff, long wait times, medical residents and interns forming unions and the problems go on and on.

    One has to wonder if hiring executives out of the failed Shumlin health care debacle with no actual hospital operational or administrative experience is a good or even prudent idea. Is it good for Vermont’s health care system and Vermonters who need timely and affordable heal care?

    • The Peter Principle is alive and used too frequently in Vermont government and quasi-government
      agencies. Yes, UVMMC is a “Non-governmental organization”.

  5. Scam Alert! The unholy alliance between the University of Vermont Medical Center and the State of Vermont is at it again. Blue Cross/Blue Shield threw in the Vermont State employee healthcare plan into this money pit – big premium dollars = big profiteering. The healthcare monopoly is near completion! Now reinstall the moneybag lady who fled the State after the first attempt collapsed ensures the fix-is-in solidifies. The grifters sitting on the Green Mountain Care Board are all-in as well. Vermont is a cesspool of corruption under the disguise of “healthcare for all.” among other criminal syndicate alliances.

  6. The daily stupidity of a state to keep hiring failures with no experience to key positions is just mind boggling.

  7. oh my my…this is sooo corrupt I just dont have words, or I do, but they are not appropriate here… to stop this???

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