Middlesex farmer, engineer declares last-minute write-in campaign for Washington County Senate

Dexter Lefavour concerned about coming Carbon Tax, growing bureaucracy

Dexter Levafour

Middlesex engineer and farmer Dexter Lefavour is asking Republican Primary voters to write-in his name in Tuesday’s election as State Senator for the Washington County district, which also includes Braintree, Orange and Stowe.

“Too much is at stake in this election for all Republicans not to step up. We need a full slate of senate candidates to replace the three Democrats who all voted for the Carbon Tax on home heating fuels (H.715), driving up costs at a time of record high prices. Small businesses, entrepreneurs and everyday Vermonters are struggling under the burdens placed on us by ever-growing government bureaucracy. It’s time to shift the balance in Montpelier, and I want to lead that change,” said Lefavour.

At present there are only two Republican candidates – Paul Bean of Northfield and Dwayne Tucker of Barre – for the three-member senate district. Republican voters can vote for up to three candidates.

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  1. So happy to hear this Dexter. Thank you for stepping up. You will make a big difference in there. Great news.

  2. Remember everyone! I heard that the spelling has to be totally accurate in the write-in!!!!

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