Meyers: Vermont media ignores Democrat male candidate for Congress

Dr. Louis Meyers
Dr. Louis Meyers

by Dr. Louis Meyers
I am one of the four Democratic Congressional candidates, a physician and a moderate Democrat. It is distressing to experience some of the biased reporting from the news media.

A number of media outlets have declared this to be The Year of the Woman, and have discounted my candidacy as a result of my gender (male) and my politics (moderate and balanced). In a small state like Vermont, which has relatively few widely distributed news services, this unbalanced coverage can certainly influence an election.

As a further example, I have twice been denied participation debates with my fellow candidates (all of whom are women). On one of those occaisions, the debate coordinator was heard saying that he was excluding me because he wanted to make sure a woman won this election.

I have a great deal of respect for my fellow candidates – as I hope they do for me.

But as Vermonters and as firm believers in democracy and free choice, we should all hope and demand that the media give every candidate a fair hearing. And I hope that Vermonters will vote with conviction and conscience.

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  1. Can influence, you mean will influence with media bias. Just look at what Zuckerberg did 2 years ago.

  2. He’s “preaching to the choir”.

    What the title should have been:
    “Democrat feels what his party does to anyone they don’t agree with and complains to the conservative media.”

    With that said if I were forced to vote Democrat Meyers is the least radical by far.

    “On one of those occasions, the debate coordinator was heard saying that he was excluding me because he wanted to make sure a woman won this election”

    Why not say who the debate coordinator is? What the coordinator did isn’t a crime, but it’s certainly not ethical and Vermonters should know who is interfering with their elections. It might be really interesting to pull up (assuming it was media) all of their articles about russia collusion and election interference….

  3. So, his claim is that the democrat-friendly media is sexist? Hasn’t it been obvious for decades now that being a straight white male affords a person ZERO points on the intersectionality/victimhood scale?
    Unless he spends some serious time in the tanning salon, starts dressing in traditional female garb or develops a mobility disorder, he is IRRELEVANT in their eyes. This is the party he chose to affiliate with, so he has to play by their rules.

  4. Welcome to the unfair anti-commonsense and media Bias
    Club which only prints what their agenda dictates, not the facts. We republicans have been in the club for years.

  5. Any non-profit doing this is arguably in violation of law. Front Porch Forum excluded Christopher-Aaron Felker, alleging that he was “transphobic”? Until proactive measures are taken, this will worsen. Lawsuits, demonstrations, etc.

  6. I don’t believe any Democratic candidate who claims to be “moderate”. They have misrepresented themselves. That is their way to weasel their way into our confidence.

    • Normally I’d agree, but I’ve heard him speak a few times and he’s the least radical of all of them to be fair. He’s still a democrat and in my opinion poorly informed and hopelessly not understanding humanity but he’s better than the rest of them

      • He is on the moderate end of the democrat spectrum but his views on Second Amendment rights are extreme:
        -ban on sale of “assault rifles”
        -permit req’d for carry outside home

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