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Metaxas: What would anti-Nazi Bonhoeffer do?

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By Guy Page

Anti-Nazi dissident Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hanged in a German prison camp in April, 1945. He was 39. In a July 29 interview, biographer and interviewer Eric Metaxas sees the rise of American Marxism and asks, ‘what would Bonhoeffer do?’

The author of the best-selling biography Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy will speak in Vermont at a Friday, Sept. 10 Montpelier banquet and at an all-day seminar in Williston Saturday, Sept. 11. Information and tickets are available at

“If you think what is going on is insane, you’re right,” July 29 interview Metaxas told ‘Hold The Line’ video podcaster Sean Feucht in a July 29 interview. “It is insane. It is crazy. And you need to know that. Or else you’ll go insane.”

Metaxas calls out Black Live Matters.

“It’s pure cultural Marxism. People talk about BLM…. They are harming black people. If you care about black people, which we are commanded to as Christians, you have to speak against a Marxist organization that is destroying the black family, that wants to destroy the black family.”

“We always need heroic figures to speak the truth – loudly, boldly, humbly, strongly.”

– Eric Metaxas

The example of Bonhoeffer, he said, is the antidote to Americans’ fearful acceptance or even collaboration with another popular political ideology that, once again, would set the races against each other.

“Bonhoeffer stands up against the Nazis because they had a racist view of the world. ‘The Germans are the best, the Jews are the worst.. it’s totally racial. Bonhoefer said, according to the Gospel, according to the Scripture, we cannot go with this. And he was a lonely voice.”

“We always need heroic figures to speak the truth – loudly, boldly, humbly, strongly,” Metaxas said. And some people are going to say, ‘I know that’s right, but I can’t speak the truth, I need to keep my job.’ And that’s where we are right now.”

“There are tons of Americans….they know this is loony.

“This is where it comes to Bonhoeffer. He saw it. He tried to get the word out to the German church: “If we don’t unite now, and if we don’t protest now, we’re done.” And by the time they woke up, it was too late. 

“We are exactly in that place in this country. We are no different than the Germans. They were fooled. They were comfortable. When evil came, they were not able to stand against this.

“I believe the Lord gave me my Bonhoeffer book to write as a prophetic warning to the church in America today. The question is, did they get the message?”

For more information on Metaxas, see Copies of his books, including Bonhoeffer, will be on sale during his visit to Vermont. 

Metaxas, China expert Gordon Chang, and black conservative speaker Will Johnson will be featured during the September visit, which begins with a banquet, on Friday, September 10 at 6 PM at Capitol Plaza in Montpelier. Together they will share their love for our country, the freedom it offers, and the threat posed by (among others) the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  To register with a credit card, go to and scroll down to the event Click on “Learn more/get tickets” and follow the instructions from there. 

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  1. Bonhoeffer ask the obvious questions and voice his analytic insights animated by his evolving vision of the Gospel. If he was still with us he’d continue and ask us to do the same.

  2. What Would Jesus Do? Is a phrase Christians recognize as a directional guidepost.

    What Would Bonhoeffer Do? References the Christian hero during the Nazi German reign, Deitrich Bonhoeffer was a spy, prophet, and pastor that has inspired seminary and dedication studies since. He dedicated his life to alert others that the Nazis were leading Germany in an anti-Christian direction. It is also the title of Eric Metaxas’s book that challenges all of us to consider this example for the times we are in.

    What Will You Do? Please, will you come be refreshed, inspired and prepared to lead in these times of conflicts and change. Hear what Eric has to say, at 6 pm Sept. 10, at Capitol Plaza banquet in Montpelier and at the full day seminar Celebrate America in Williston on Sept. 11, 8-4 along with expert on China, Gordon Chang, and reknown podcaster Will Johnson.

    Invite leadership teams within your faith group to join you, too.

    To order tickets go to

    Read more in Guy Page’s Aug. 2, Daily Chronicle article –

    This link is to a recent interview with Eric and podcaster Sean Feucht.