Men don’t have vaginas, gay GOP candidate says

Gay man says trans athletic competition unfair to women

By Guy Page

In the City of Burlington, sex is politics and politics is sex. 

Tuesday, Seven Days reported that Christopher-Aaron Felker, the Republican candidate for the open Ward 3 City Council seat to be decided at a special election in August, had made social media posts denying that a man can have a vagina. In Burlington – a hotbed of transgender activism – those are fighting words, particularly among the progressive political class.

Christopher-Aaron Felker

Seven Days published its story the same day Felker announced his candidacy. The Burlington-based weekly newspaper said it used the Internet Archive to uncover these deleted social media posts made by Felker, a U.S. Navy veteran who is openly gay and lives with his husband in Burlington:

  • “There is absolutely no such thing as a transgender gay man. Zero gay men have a vagina…. “That’s not a gay man- regardless of what they call themselves.”
  • “A female is biologically incapable of becoming a man. These people are colonizers. #sexnotgender.”

Several transgender Burlington residents were quoted by Seven Days, including one person who called Felker “the local transphobe.”

Today, Felker responded with this public statement:

“My starting point on the subject of gender identity originates from my Catholic Christian beliefs: that all people are created in the image and likeness of God.

“I fully support & defend the rights of trans identifying individuals to engage and interact in society with equal rights under the law.

“However, when trans rights conflict with women’s rights I believe public policy must balance these rights to arrive at a fair outcome. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the case of trans women participating in women’s sports. I remain committed to defending the sex based rights of women in sports to compete on a level playing field.”

Speaking of women competing in athletic events, Vermont runner Elle Purrier Pierre, was named to the U.S. Olympic team after winning the 1500 Meter run in the Olympic trials Monday night in Eugene, Oregon. 

The 26-year-old Northeast Kingdom farmgirl won the trial race in convincing fashion. “I’ve definitely thought about Tokyo on my runs with my dog in Vermont,” Purrier St. Pierre said after her victory. “Every day when I run, I’m thinking, ‘I’m doing this to make the team.’ I’ve been thinking about Tokyo for quite a few years now.”

For the first time, trans athletes will be competing in the Olympics, notably in the women’s bodybuilding competitions. It is not known whether Purrier will face any competition from a runner who was born a male but has since assumed a trans identity. 

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  1. Do what ever you want in privacy, but don’t make me, nor my children have to accept what you do as a social norm.

  2. Candidate Felker makes it clear that he fully supports & defends the rights of all citizens “to engage and interact in society with equal rights under the law.” I’m sure he would add that he abhors and daily fights against the scorn and derisiveness frequently visited upon some of our LGBTQ neighbors. This is a kind man. To call him any kind of “…phobe” toward any segment of our community is a cruel and unfair slur.

  3. Exactly. Women have vaginas, uteruses and ovaries. Men have testes and a penis. Period. Giving yourself a gals name, growing (or making some boobs) and declaring yourself a woman does not a woman make. It’s not “phobic “ to say this; just biologically honest.

  4. Although I agree with Mr. Felker’s stance on transgenders and which sport they compete. However, I find it ironic that he correctly refers to the Bible with regard to all being created in the image of God, yet ignores God’s creation of marriage. Does his “Catholic Christian beliefs” support his being married to a man? The Word of God is not like a buffet table where you only consume what you like and ignore the rest of the truth . . .

  5. “The Word of God is not like a buffet table where you only consume what you like and ignore the rest of the truth . . .”

    Remember – they tell us what they think we want to hear all too often on many issues at many levels. God Bless All, but tread carefully…

  6. Well, if that statement “offended” progressives, this might as well. Progressives don’t have a speck of common sense. (I refrain from using more severe verbiage in this instance).

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