Median forestry salary $63K, new guide says

The newly published Forest Economy Career Guide explains the many forestry-related career options available in Vermont.

For people who love to work outdoors, enjoy making things with their hands, or just love to drive big machines, a career in Vermont’s forest economy could be a great fit. The new Forest Economy Career Guide offers detailed information on projected job openings, wage information, education and training requirements, and what to expect on the job.

From logging to furniture-making, to using drones to map forest inventory and manufacturing wood pellets for heat, there are good jobs to be had in Vermont’s forest economy, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund says.

Forest Health, Conservation and Consulting Careers

Individuals interested in forest health, conservation and consulting, for example, will find information on careers in forestry. Entry level jobs typically require a high school diploma, while professional foresters have at least two to four years of post-secondary education. The median annual salary in forestry is $63,750. Consulting forester Charlie Hancock gives advice to people interested in the field in this video.

Construction Careers

Construction, which has more than 3,000 projected job openings in Vermont according to Advance Vermont, provides a median hourly wage of $22.94 and generally requires three to twelve months of on-the-job training. The Guide notes that employers will look for attention to detail, familiarity with hand and power tools, basic math skills, and excellent communication.

Sawmill Careers

Family-owned sawmills in Vermont offer numerous jobs, from production to management to sales, many of which require a high school diploma and on the job training. Trever Allard, the second generation owner of Allard Lumber in Brattleboro, shares his advice on working at a sawmill here.

Woodworking Careers

Those interested in fine woodworking will find detailed information on everything from cabinet- to furniture-making, jobs that combine high levels of artistry with craftsmanship and have a starting hourly rate of $18 per hour. The owners of Towards Nightfall and the Vermont Woodworking School, Catherine Emil and Jared Williams share what they love most about careers in the woodshop here. A diverse and dynamic field, these jobs play an important role in preserving the health and productivity of Vermont’s forests.

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  1. …and you could also follow in the footsteps of the Chittenden county forester… become a local icon and articulate missionary for the wise use of our environment.

  2. What country did the Emerald Ash Bore come from? The Ash Bore that’s destroying our forests? Turning the forests into forest fire material, polluting our air. I looked it up and guess what, it came from China.

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