McClaughry: Sen. Ram Hinsdale and ‘climate migration’

by John McClaughry

A friend of mine from the Burlington area recently shared with me an absolutely jaw dropping email circulated by Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale, Democrat of Chittenden Southeast, who is chair of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs. She is also the lead sponsor of S. 100, the Senate-approved $80 million dollar compact settlement bill I discussed last week.

Take a deep breath – Here it is: “We are looking at a need for 20 to 40,000 housing units in the next decade. The higher end of that range is specifically due to the need to address climate refugees, as we are projected to be one of the more climate stable states in the country. If you believe in climate change, then you believe in the real possibility that some of our major US cities may become at least partially uninhabitable and forced migration will take place. We will need to be prepared for that, as we are already seeing climate immigrants who are purchasing second homes and eating into our year-round housing stock.”

To start with, I seriously question her idea that we are projected – by whom? – to be one of the more climate stable states in the country.

Beyond that, Ram’s idea that we need to do something to accommodate an approaching flood of desperate climate fugitives from uninhabitable cities down-country, looks like just more climate panic-mongering to me.

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  1. Yeah sure, The “flatlanders” are coming not.
    Here in the NEK more property is coming up for sale, mostly by folks who just moved here.
    I’ll Believe it when I see it.
    An ornery Flatlander,

  2. Does anyone else find it suspicious that her husband is a landlord/housing developer?

  3. What a duplicitous Moon Bat ! Evidently she is more worried about people from out of state (like her) moving to Vermont because of climate issues than she is about over 4 illegal million aliens coming to the United States and bringing drugs, crime, and disease, because Joe Biden has told them it’s okay, and we will give them free health care, and anything else they may want or feel entitled to. Build the freakin’ wall !

  4. Oops ! Should have read, over 4 million illegal aliens just since Mr. Potato Head became Prez !

  5. Is that what motivated HER to come here from LA California? She was from one of the early waves of moonbats who helped ruined that state and has since come here to do the same to Vermont. She does provide motivation to solve the climate crisis…so no more like her will migrate here as “climate refugees”. Get real… she just came here for the same reason that Bernie, Welch, Baruth and Krowinski came here…to be big political fish in a small pond.

    • EXCELLENT summation. Again, I’d “thumb up” you, but this site won’t allow me to. But to simply add a summation of my own: This woman & her out-of-state cohorts are both bat-poo crazy AND authoritarian – a highly dangerous combination…..and I’m originally an out-of-stater who states: LEAVE VERMONT VERMONT!!!!!

      It’s not necessarily all out-of-staters who cause these issues here, as it is actually a Constitutional Right we all have to travel freely from State to State and take up residence anywhere therein. But it is the out-of-staters whom you very adeptly quantify and describe who are inciting all this for this once peaceful & safe & free State.

  6. The fact that 70% of the voters in Vermont voted for this progressive socialist agenda of destruction of Vermont astounds me…

    • I think most of the voting that took place in 2022 was related to the Supreme Court decision on abortion. Every moonbat female able or not to get pregnant came out in droves. It was a cult movement like a bowel movement. The coming together for the feminist crowd even though nothing changes in (lets kill them all if we want to) Vermont. And the current laws say they can with no restriction. These same people are one issue voters. They will starve and freeze to death before they will realize that they are the destroyers of life and state. The Vermont media and a weak governor all back it up. The conservative here have no leadership, no intestinal fortitude. Individual republicans and independents are on their own. We are adrift with no rudder and under attack. Thank your governor for his lack of leadership and courage to take them on for us.

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