Mazur: No ‘unity’ from Biden

To the editor:

President Biden’s inaugural address called for unity to bring the country together.  His speech of healing showed promise of moderation.  We soon learned that his actions speak louder than his words.

Biden’s executive orders set the tone for his Administration.  He supports taxpayer-paid-for abortion on demand up to birth. He’s committed to the Paris Accord which places foreigners in control of our energy policy. Killing the Keystone Pipeline kills jobs, reduces our energy supply and increases costs. Allowing Chinese involvement in our power grid exposes national security.

Biden’s open borders stops wall construction, permits illegals to invade our country, counts them in our census and promises citizenship.   Boys will now participate in girls’ sports, including using their locker room.  Ordering transgenders in the military uses armed forces to advance a gender equity agenda regardless of consequences.

The President’s pandemic plan is a restatement of Trump’s. Biden trashed Trump’s achievements so he can receive praise for his own foresight and accomplishments.

His actions to date doesn’t demonstrate unity, rather widens the culture divide, attacks Trump’s “America First” direction and enhances a progressive agenda. Seeking unity and respect comes from compromises that seek respect on views; requiring conformity fuels a constitutional crisis.

Frank Mazur

The author is a former South Burlington member of the Vermont House of Representatives.

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  1. All true, Guy. But you must understand that these laws and policies that devastate our nation are not being executed because of a lack of poor judgement. They are being enacted in order to very intentionally and purposefully destroy this country in order to introduce socialism, remove freedom of religion to freedom FROM religion, and install a one party state, etc.

    The democrat party of decades ago has vanished. These are people now bent upon ultimate power and control and never again a nation of, by, and for the people.

    If conservatives and genuine republicans and the faithful do not fervently stand up for righteousness – this nation, as it was once conceived, shall indeed perish from the face of the earth.

  2. Hopefully even Democrats will soon have to admit that their choice is a geriatric imbecile. I just hope that it’s before he, and his equally incompetent administration do too much damage as their prime objective of undoing anything Trump is blind lunacy destined for a social meltdown.

  3. Great article and comments. Just read another excellent article by Jeff Green of CONSERVATIVES UNITE on-line about the liberal media, I mean, the Democrats’ public relations arm ranting on and on about January 6, and ignoring last’s year’s long, hot summer/fall/winter with cities torched and people murdered by Antifa and BLM. https://realconservativesunite.com/2021/03/04/chris-wray-and-the-fbi-s-outrageous-lies-about-domestic-terrorism/

  4. Maybe WE the People should open a special ward just for MENTALLY DEFECTIVE Bummer Biden and
    his COHORTS. It is immensley clear The BIDEN CROOKS are HELL BENT on DESTROYING OUR Country.

    • They most certainly are – unfortunately so are those who vote these lunatics into elective office. Look at the VT Legislature!!! Men with their plumbing intact wearing dresses, defund the police, raise taxes even higher, legalize MORE drugs for a drug-addicted state, send stimulus checks to illegal aliens, etc.

  5. Its all part of the great reset. The ruling class has had enough of trying to appease the masses. UN agenda 2030 which is the Progressives dogma that wants people herded into cities. Live in 800 square foot apartments with all heat, air conditioning and appliances controlled by the government via the I of T. The pandemic, the climate change initiative, inflation, and the cancel culture are just the means to get you there. And its happening all over the world. Biden will blame the next pandemic outbreak on the non vaccinated most likely in the fall. I find it interesting that blood clots are a side effect of the Covid vaccine. Has anyone asked the questions ….. if mRNA is telling our trillions of cells to make a protein that looks like the spherical spiked ball of the covid virus, when does it stop doing so? Does it never end? What does having the trillions of spiked proteins in our blood do to our circulation? If the mRNA protein is in all our organ cells via the vaccine as opposed to just the respiratory system, will the antibodies start attacking all organs when we’re exposed to the corona virus a second time? I guess time will tell. But then again they who controls the media controls the truth.

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